What are the different changes brought by the Porsche Macan with only three models?

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different changes brought porsche macan

For the Porsche brand ,Macan Although the model is not like 911 As famous as cayenne , But in the first half of this year , Porsche's global cumulative delivery reached 153656 car , Achieve year-on-year growth 31%, Among them Macan More so 43618 The delivery performance of the car has become another sales pillar after the relay Cayenne of the Porsche family , China is the world's largest single market .

In order to further strengthen the product power and meet the needs of the market , porsche Macan It is also officially changed in the medium term , Not only the dynamic performance is optimized , The configuration is also further improved , And online service and intelligent driving assistance system have become standard configuration , They are introduced according to different performance orientations Macan、Macan S as well as Macan GTS Three models , The official guide selling price range is 55.40 ten thousand -84.80 ten thousand .

The new Macan In appearance , Recognition is further strengthened , The perfect integration of the front spoiler and the side air intakes makes people look bright , The front and rear lips and the optional side door trim are brand new 3D structure , More stereoscopic vision . In dynamic lighting systems (PDLS) Of LED Headlights and Sport Design The exterior rearview mirror is also new Macan Typical characteristics of , Of course, these have become the standard configuration of new cars .

The appearance of Porsche can be summed up in one sentence , Namely “ Maintaining the status quo ”, Optional is still the key to improve your appearance , In order to strengthen the new Macan Degrees of freedom , Its personalized configuration is up to 200 Kind of , This is very rare in the peer market .

among , Added... In the body color 3 paragraph , Respectively : Papaya orange metallic 、 Gentian blue metallic , And in GTS Python green with optional sports components . thus , The new Macan The car body color reaches 14 A lot of money . in addition , The new car has also been upgraded to a larger rim in the standard configuration of each level of models ,Macan by 19 Inch ,Macan S by 20 Inch ,Macan GTS by 21 Inch . also , Porsche is more Macan The car series has added 7 A new style of rim .

The rear of the car doesn't change much , Mainly concentrated in the back bar position , The diffuser shape has a stronger overall sense , The reflective strip is closer to the center . It is worth mentioning that , stay GTS An additional range of sporty look kits will be available on the version , Like a four sided exhaust , The spoiler at the top and the blackened tail lights interspersed , Indeed, Porsche has its own uniqueness in the sports atmosphere .

In the cockpit , The new Macan A major feature of is the further strengthening of digitization . The new center console has changed from physical buttons to touch screen , The structural layout of the cockpit is more concise , The sense of technology has also been strengthened . Communication management system (PCM) The core of is from 10.9 Inch Full HD touch central display , adopt PCM System , Users can get the Internet of vehicles service function 、 Voice control and online navigation .

in addition , At Porsche smart connect (Porsche Connect) Applications and Wi-Fi Hot spots are also standard configurations , Off road assistant (Off-road Precision) Applications and Apple CarPlay Is optional . If users have a demand for wireless charging of mobile phones , The mobile phone inductive charging module can also be equipped in the storage box under the central armrest . Another highlight of the interior is the new Macan The steering wheel , This is related to 911 It's the same one , The analog clock on the top of the instrument panel has also become standard .

The new Macan Parking aid with active parking , It can identify parking spaces and provide active support for parking operations . Of course, adaptive cruise 、 Lane keeping and lane change assistance systems are not absent , But it still needs to be optional .

The new Macan Three power configurations are provided : The basic model adopts a new model specially developed 2.0T Turbocharged engine , And in the Macan S and Macan GTS Upgrade to new models on 2.9L V6 Twin turbocharged engines . There are three new cars to match 7 Double gear clutch transmission system (PDK system) And traction management system (PTM) Four wheel drive system . among ,2.0T The maximum power of a turbocharged engine is 195kW, The acceleration time is 6.4s,Macan S The maximum power of the engine is 280kW, The acceleration time is 4.8s,Macan GTS The maximum power of the engine is 324kW, The acceleration time is 4.5s.

In fact, it revolves around Macan There have always been two issues of concern on the Internet , One is guaranteed time Macan It is an imported non castrated version of Audi Q5 Do you ? The other is , At the same price, you will choose Macan still 718?

According to the car cloud bacteria Macan Experience , From the perspective of personal understanding , It's not difficult to answer these two questions . First, Porsche Macan It's called Audi Q5 The main reason is that they come from the same platform , But it doesn't matter 2.0T Of Macan still 3.0T Of Macan S Both cars are equipped with full-time four-wheel drive system , It's also true with Audi overseas Q5 The non castrated version is the same . But Porsche's training is stronger , In some materials and design, even at cost , Indeed, it has an inseparable relationship with our Audi , But in the brand DNA But it has created a completely different obsession and character .

The second question is , If you are in the Macan and 718 Make a choice on , Then you should still choose Macan, Because you must be concerned about some practicality , In fact, the two cars are basically not comparable . porsche Macan Although it inherits Porsche's good driving performance and excellent tuning , But in essence, it is a model born by Porsche for the benefit of the group , And Porsche 718 But it is a sports car with a pure horizontal opposed engine in the middle layout , It represents the purer driving pleasure of Porsche .

Summary of Che Yun

Macan As a young sports oriented SUV, Since its inception, Porsche has been loved by domestic consumers with its luxurious attributes and diversified personality options , At the same time, it also creates huge profits for the Porsche brand , It can be said that Tao is the peak . But a big reason why it can achieve such results is that it benefits from its own market positioning , In today's medium-sized SUV In the market , Can be in the brand 、 power 、 There are few luxury models to compete with , But in the competitive products at the same price level , Land Rover star pulse and BMW X4 And other models in terms of market share , Not an opponent .

Today, , With the appearance and modeling more fashionable 、 The interior configuration is more scientific and technological 、 New Porsche with stronger powertrain Macan list , Further strengthen the competitiveness of the market . Although the starting price is slightly higher than the old model , But in essence , Is to buy a higher specification power model at a lower price . in general , New Porsche Macan Through various adjustments, it continues to maintain a freshness with Chinese consumers , It can be predicted that the later sales will be higher .

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