Another male star overturned! Less than 48 hours after the incident, the team was dragged into the water by admitting their mistakes and stopping work

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male star overturned hours incident

“ This world is not your world , Not that you succeeded , You can do whatever you want . I think the highest artistic conception of people is moderation , Instead of releasing ”---- Chen Daoming

Chen Daoming is a recognized senior with high quality in the performing arts circle , He has been in the show business for so many years , He also has his own opinions on all kinds of things in the world . as everyone knows , The entertainment industry is a big dye vat , After entering, it is inevitable that many artists will be confused by the complex world , Do whatever you want .

But material release and spiritual release are easy , Abstinence is difficult . It's hard for someone not to float after a fire overnight , Some young artists use their star aura to do something against ethics after the explosion . Wait until things get out , Fans found that the artists shown in the camera are not really them , But the perfect human design packaged by the company lens .

After Luo Zhixiang 、 After Wu Yifan , Another male star capsized in love ! The funny thing is , Things didn't happen enough 48 Hours , Under the heavy blows of several female clients , The male star has been mistaken by the stone hammer !

What happened

stay 8 month 24 The morning of 10 spot , A South Korean netizen took the lead in launching an attack , She claims to be Huang XuXi's ex girlfriend , And drying out some chat records between the two , And some photos .

Although the two are lovers , But I often have to pay for things for him , He even indicated what brand of clothes he wanted , But as a boyfriend, Huang XuXi is always very cold to himself . After a long time , Such cold violence , Let the Korean netizen suffer from depression , And Huang XuXi once said to the girl : You are as annoying as a fan .

At first, people didn't care much about such news , After all, there are always some illegitimate meals that want to attract everyone's attention in this way . But then there was a second 、 When the third girl stood up , There is room for reversal in this matter . When they put out chat records 、 Audio , Even when he was sleeping at home , Many people began to discuss the authenticity of this matter .

original , Huang XuXi is in love with many fans , And cheated many times . In the chat record , He even said amazing , Not only that his teammates can't lead , He also said that the variety show he participated in was not up to standard .

In limine , Although his team did not respond , But there are so many chats 、 Photos and videos , It's almost a solid hammer . After Huang XuXi's Chinese initial station management team announced his resignation , What we are waiting for is Huang XuXi's handwritten letter of apology , But for him , He should have been responsible for what he had done . But if he implicates a team alone, he should not , What did the teammates do wrong ?

Huang XuXi wrote a handwritten letter of apology

8 month 25 On the afternoon of Sunday 3 spot , With the continuous fermentation of public opinion , Things are happening 48 Hours later , Huang XuXi wrote a handwritten letter of apology :

ad locum , I sincerely apologize to the people who have been hurt by my wrong behavior . Please give me a chance to apologize , I'm really sorry .

Maybe it's to make the handwritten form more convenient for him to apologize , In his article, Huang XuXi not only apologized to his fans , And he said he would deeply reflect on his mistakes and behavior . At the same time, he also admitted that he failed to help him 、 Support his fans , Although he promised that something similar would not happen next time , It also interrupts all activities for reflection , But many netizens obviously don't buy it .

Because Huang XuXi is not only implicating himself , And the members of the team , Company employees 、 Cooperative program team staff and so on , Because of his behavior , All efforts in other links are in vain . look , His apology is very sincere , And took the initiative to admit his mistake . however , Not all apologies are useful .

Therefore, some netizens asked him to quit the entertainment industry directly , Don't bother your teammates . Although his Korean men's team is not the most popular now , But it is not easy to get the resources now , The players cherish these opportunities , And now, due to the scandal of Huang XuXi , He stopped work and didn't say , The whole team was dragged down , You have to cancel the schedule .

In the team , Huang XuXi should be regarded as the best resource , Many teammates hope to show up through future activities . I didn't expect it because of his private life , It led to the cancellation of many more activities , His teammates are the real ones who want to cry without tears .

For him , In fact, many people are not very familiar with , Although he was born in Hong Kong , It's a hybrid of China and Thailand , But his Chinese is average , His debut is also in Korea .

At the age of 16, he was selected as an intern , I think it should also be a model of being famous at a young age , But it is not famous in China . And he is in several different combinations NTC、NTC U、Super M.

among Super M The members of the group are also known as EXO Bo Xian 、KAI,SHINee Tai min et al , This combination is called SM Breaking through beauty “ ambition ”. It is the strength of other combinations that enter this combination + Popular members , Huang XuXi's popularity can be seen when he can enter this combination .

He is famous in China because he took part in the running bar, brother , Then come into everyone's sight . In the program , Because of his stupid character , Interesting features , It's very popular , Unexpectedly, such a scandal broke out after several years of fire . And it's not a person to point out his private life , It really surprised many people .

Traffic artists frequently expose scandals

here , It also makes more and more people reflect , Why do traffic artists often break scandals ?

Before, Wu Yifan collapsed because of people , It caused a sensation in the whole society . There is also what we call the most handsome Uncle Wu Xiubo , Because of cheating, he quit the entertainment industry . Including the flow artist Tong Zhuo who is now making his debut through the draft 、 Horolo 、 Yu Shuxin 、 Zhao Xiaotang broadcast the rollover live on social media , After the speech problem broke out . We need to reflect on , Why do young artists often make mistakes . Is it because our netizens' requirements for artists are too high or too harsh ?

Not really , Is that the brokerage company does not pay attention to the cultivation of artists' ordinary moral and cultural knowledge , Just focus on interests . Most artists are now looking at what they want to do where they are liked by netizens , Whether it's singing 、 dance 、 Cover or rap , As long as there is traffic and exposure , These young people will do .

But there are also some young artists , In order to strive for the opportunity to make a debut, I have worked hard . But on the one hand, we are sure that young artists are sweating , When you work hard , Also at the cultural level 、 Intellectual and moral aspects constrain them , We hope that the acting strength of young artists can develop together with their quality .

People who err , To err is human. . Everyone makes mistakes , We won't set up perfect people for them just because they are artists , Let them make no mistakes . One or two mistakes can , We should put forward higher requirements for ourselves after making mistakes 、 Higher expectations .

Before being an artist , First, comply with the basic code of ethics , Public figures should be more famous after themselves , Be strict with yourself . Improve personal ideological and moral cultivation , Take on social responsibility , Spread positive energy to everyone . Instead of feeling famous , You can do whatever you want , Consume your own traffic , More rely on their own fame to deceive and hurt others .

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