Apple may officially announce Apple's auto technology before the end of this year

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apple officially announce apple auto

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Beijing time. 8 month 26 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Lithium battery pioneer 、2019 Akira Yoshino, winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry in, said , Apple may announce some similar electric vehicle technology innovations before the end of this year .

Yoshino stressed , Beyond the automotive industry IT And other industries are increasing their attention to the field of travel , Apple is developing some types of “ Apple car ”. It has been reported before that , since 2014 Apple has been Titan Engage in automobile development under the framework of the plan . At present, the plan has undergone reorganization and adjustment of development direction , The apple car project is said to have once again focused on building self driving electric vehicles .

This year, 8 At the beginning of this month, the media broke the news that Apple has been contacting electric vehicle parts manufacturers . A South Korean auto industry executive told 《 Korea Times 》 reporters :“ Apple executives are in business negotiations with their local partners in the semiconductor and display fields in South Korea . Just like the smartphone business , Apple is looking for an electric vehicle business partner in Korea . as far as I am concerned , Apple has been with LG、SK Discuss with Hanhua group , But the negotiations are only in the preliminary stage .”

Edit comment on : From Apple's huge investment and its actions in recent years , It seems that it is necessary to build a car , And have confidence to occupy a place in the auto market . according to the understanding of , Predicted by industry experts , Apple's first electric car is expected to be in 2024 Annual listing , What do you think of the market competitiveness of this model ?

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