Good looking but not practical. Why does the world-famous pure electric vehicle not care about the endurance?

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good looking practical. practical world-famous

The world is changing , Although gasoline powered cars may continue to drive on the streets in the coming decades , But carmakers are constantly innovating for cars . As a result, the number of new energy vehicles has increased rapidly . New technology brings new designs 、 New features and challenges . therefore , Although compared with gasoline cars , Electric vehicles may be charged slowly 、 Low range and high servicing quality , But they also provide instant torque , In some cases , And incredible motivation . Although our love for today's noisy gasoline cars will not fade , But all kinds of new electric vehicles on the market can arouse people's interest , Looking forward to the future development .

Today, let's introduce the mileage of several electric vehicles , By EPA Comprehensive mileage ranking —— From shortest to longest . For the sake of simplicity , We only listed the version with the longest mileage in each electric vehicle lineup . Although the maximum mileage of each electric vehicle is not tested on the highway , But we have provided data as much as possible . The mileage will tell you the practicability of electric vehicles in daily use . Consumers can choose their own electric vehicles according to this ranking .

【1】Mini Cooper Electric version | about 183 km Mini Cooper The starting price of the electric version is 3.0750 ten thousand dollar , Renminbi equivalent 19.96 Ten thousand yuan ,2021 paragraph Mini Electric When fully charged , The estimated mileage is 113 miles (183 km ), It's better than something like Chevrolet bolt EV And Nissan leaves can cover .Mini Express , The car 32.6 Kilowatt hour batteries can be used in 35 Fast charging to within minutes 80%. If you use 7.4 Kilowatts of household AC charging , You can completely restore the battery in four hours . The dual-mode regenerative braking system of the small hatchback also helps to maximize battery power . 2022 New standard equipment appeared in the model year , for example 8.8 Inch Touch Screen infotainment display and heated steering wheel with smaller appearance upgrades .

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