The new Audi q5l is more beautiful than BMW X3 in terms of appearance, with a wheelbase of more than 2m and 9 4WD. The price is really high

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new audi q5l beautiful bmw

Speaking of medium SUV, The best-selling model we can think of first must be Tiguan L、 Leon coldwell 、HS5、 Hanlanda and other models , These cars focus on the middle and low-end market , Then the price can make consumers interested ; But with the improvement of living standard , Many users are replacing , Will also consider luxury brands . Yes, of course , In the domestic luxury car market , Even second tier luxury brands have a lower threshold , But the final product sales are still no match for Mercedes Benz 、 BMW 、 Audi and other German luxury brands , After all BBA Our brand influence is well known , Open a recognizable , High sales models , Face comes naturally .

With Audi Q5L For example , Friends who pay attention to the auto market know , This car has just completed the mid-term modification , At present, the official guidance price is 39.68-48.70 Ten thousand yuan , The new car has been adjusted according to the details of the appearance , Look younger . But from an objective point of view , audi Q5L The sales volume of is very top in the luxury car market , Running far away GLC、 BMW X3 And so on , Accumulated sales in the first half of this year 76964 car , For an entry-level model, landing near 40 Ten thousand yuan luxury medium-sized SUV, audi Q5L The sales volume is really very lethal . So what surprises did the mid-term change of the new car bring ? What are the changes compared with the old model ? Let's move on .

From the appearance part , Compared with the previous generation , The appearance changes of the new car are mostly concentrated in the light group 、 China Network and other parts . The whole adopts the latest design style of Audi family , Including the structure of the headlamp group , Except for the top model , Other models support the optional matrix headlights , If you can achieve the standard configuration of the whole series , I believe the sincerity of its brand will be more sufficient , After all, Audi's nickname is lamp factory . The huge polygonal air inlet grille is divided into two styles , One is the chrome plated grid in the picture , The other is to use the blackening effect . The side of the body is not much different from the old model , The tail changes are also concentrated in the lamp group , At the same time, a decorative two-sided exhaust is used below, with a total of four outlets , Visually younger movement , It is easier to be liked by young users , Than BMW X3 It's beautiful .

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