Appearance upgrade, espionage exposure of alpina B4 four door Coupe

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appearance upgrade espionage exposure alpina

In recent days, , Foreign media exposed a group of Alpina B4 Spy photos of four door coupe , The new car will be based on BMW 4 It is made of four door edition , Upgrade in appearance and power , It is expected to be released within this year .

appearance , The front face of the new car is similar to that of BMW 4 It is the same design language of the four editions , The large double kidney air intake grille and air intakes on both sides have a great sense of combat . The tail , The bottom of the new car was camouflaged , It is expected to adopt a new design , It will be a new siege . meanwhile , The new car also uses bilateral four outlet exhaust .

On the interior , The new car is expected to compete with 4 It is consistent with the four door version , use 12.3 Inch LCD instrument panel and suspended central control screen . meanwhile , The steering wheel sign will be changed to ALPINA The logo of .

Power on , New cars will carry 3.0T Six cylinder engine , And adjust it , The maximum power is expected to increase to 410 horsepower .

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