Figure of Chery ant refitted car official at Chengdu auto show

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figure chery ant refitted car

[ Car home New car official map ]  8 month 26 Japan , Chery new energy disclosed that it would 8 month 29 At the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , Release a product based on Chery ant ( Parameters | inquiry ) A modified Bigfoot car , And released a picture of a new car .

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Chery ant is positioned as a micro pure electric vehicle , And the little ant Bigfoot modified car released this time , Not based on the small ants on sale with cash , It's based on the new ant that hasn't been released yet ( Or little ants Pro) Adapted from , At the Chengdu auto show, we will also feel the style of the new ant in advance through this product .

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【 Previously, the new ant declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology 】

It is not difficult to see that the new car has a higher ground clearance through chassis modification , And a larger chassis guard is installed 、 Anti chafing bumper and wider AT rim , At the same time, the new car has also removed the door and is equipped with yellow integrated seats .

With the renewal of national laws and regulations on automobile refitting policies , More and more automobile manufacturers begin to release the modified car products jointly built at the auto show , The vast majority of them are not able to mass produce , But through this modification to show the way the brand caters to different consumer groups , Do you agree with this original modification style , Please leave a message in the comment area .( writing / Car home Geng yuan )

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