Four years after its establishment, the company has built a car with a starting price of 570000 and a endurance of 550km

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years establishment company built car

In the car market , Some car companies are very bold , When Wei Lai first appeared on the market , A sports car surprises everyone , Even if Wei comes later ES8 list , The price is also higher than 40 ten thousand . However , There is a car company whose car is more expensive , Chinese express has just established 4 The car company in , The first car, Gaohe HiPhi X Starting price 57 ten thousand , This price is not generally high .

57 ten thousand -80 The price range of 10000 , It can't be said to be a super first-line luxury car , But in the field of electric vehicles, it is also a ceiling level existence , Especially for domestic cars , Even mass-produced fuel vehicles rarely have such a high price .


So Gaohe HiPhi X Why so confident ? What's great about this car ?

①、 Gao He HiPhi X The positioning is relatively high , It belongs to medium and large SUV, The size of the car body has reached 5200*2062*1618mm, The entry-level version is five doors and six seats , The range has reached 550km, Vehicle warranty 5 Year or 15 Thousands of kilometers , The quality assurance level makes sense , However, there is still a gap with some car brands with lifelong warranty for the first owner .


②、 Gao He HiPhi X Rich configuration , The beginning is 255/45 R22 Fetal , Strong sports breath . The auxiliary driving function is complete , Doubling the auxiliary 、 Lane departure and other functions . And it comes standard 360 Degree auxiliary image , Side warning 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Park in 、 Suspension soft and hard adjustment 、 Air suspension , It can be said that the entry-level configuration is luxury .

③、 The process requirements are very high , Just take Gaohe HiPhi X Seat material , It cooperates with Dow Chemical, a well-known enterprise in the world . Dow Chemical's silica gel leather technology is a global leader , After years of research, Dow found that , The unique molecular structure of silica gel meets consumers' demand for the softness of leather 、 Moisture permeability 、 Stability and environmental protection .


And Gaohe HiPhi X The innovative liquid silicone rubber technology adopted is revolutionary . Dow uses advanced liquid silicone rubber technology to create seat materials , With unique performance , Such as stain resistance 、 Soft touch and strong weather resistance . The safety materials used are tasteless and almost free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), It can protect consumers' health and contribute to sustainable development .


Gao He HiPhi X Positioning itself is very high , It is also a luxury brand , It is a combination of technology and luxury . however , This price for the current new energy industry , Still too high , Although Gaohe HiPhi X The performance of spare parts is very good , But in terms of market performance , Gao He HiPhi X I'm afraid it's hard to do more . stay 7 month 50 More than 10000 luxury brand electric vehicle sales , Gao He HiPhi X Second place , Second only to Porsche Taycan Reached 428 car . that , Can Gaohe really only use one high-end car to win the world ? We can predict that Gaohe is likely to follow Weilai's model .

Gaohe automobile may launch Gaohe HiPhi X After model , It will also launch pure electric medium-sized SUV, The price may be from 50 Ten thousand is reduced to 35 All around , This not only enriches the product line , It also establishes the high-end image of the brand . After all , If you take it as soon as it goes on the market 30 About ten thousand products , It's hard to avoid losing to Tesla and velai in brand tone , But all at once 57 Million from the sale of , Directly higher than the mainstream products of Tesla and velai .

When the brand tone is established , When launching low-end cars , Brand height has advantages over velai and Tesla , Maybe this is Gaohe HiPhi X The plan for , Of course, this is just our guess , As for how Gaohe develops , It remains to be seen . But you can be sure , Just rely on a Gaohe HiPhi X Fight the world , It's impossible .

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