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Now, the budget of the first car of many young people's life is about 10 Thousands of dollars , Good reputation is preferred 、 It's safe 、 Large space 、 Enough motivation 、 Configuration is high 、 In short, a fully functional car is the key to your career “ The first love ”. Isn't Harvard's first love just like its name ?
Main stream SUV The size of the space is not small at all , Through sex and security, Harvard never let us down , And the comfort configuration is complete , Panoramic sunroof 、 Keyless entry 、 Panoramic camera 、 Full LCD instrument plus a series of driving AIDS , It has achieved the level of many high-priced and high-level models , In other words, Harvard's first love condenses Great Wall Motors' experience in automobile manufacturing these years 、 The latest technologies in the fields of intelligent interconnection and automatic driving , Whether as a city , Or a partner on a long outing , this “ First love in the parking lot ” It's all quite suitable .
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