The owner was dissatisfied with the customer service, and the Weilai accelerator pedal broke

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owner dissatisfied customer service weilai

[ Car home   information ]  recently , Wei to App The car owner broke the news , The accelerator pedal of my car broke , And in Wei Lai App The community publishes pictures and texts @ Li Bin , Dissatisfied with the response of customer service and rescue .

Car house learned from relevant people , In this incident, the user's shoes were stuck in the accelerator pedal ( Stuck for unknown reason ), The pedal is broken due to excessive force during removal , This triggers a condition similar to the automatic collapse of the vehicle pedal in a collision . We know that in order to achieve accelerator pedal collapse in collision , A fracture inducing groove is designed on the upper part of the connecting arm of the accelerator pedal , Its strength is weaker than that of the whole accelerator pedal , When the design , It breaks in different directions with different stress levels . in other words , Compared with collision protection , Pressing the pedal normally requires more force to break it , So as to achieve the purpose of both protection and daily use .

But at the moment, , The specific situation of the accelerator pedal fracture this time , The official has not released specific reply and information , Details , Let's restore the known information for you first .

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Net friend “ It's sunny 7577” Recently in Weilai App Publish graphic content in the community , call “ Driving for so many years , I can experience that the throttle is broken , Rescue also asked ( I ) Is it right? ( Accelerator pedal ) Loose , tell ( Accelerator pedal ) The customer service also asked me to go to the store to check .” The owner expressed concern about the product quality of Weilai vehicle , At the same time, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the Q & A of rescue and customer service , Knowing that the accelerator pedal of the vehicle is broken , Also let the owner drive to the store to check .

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In the comment area , Official certified staff of Weilai “ Pu sample ” Reply to ,“ Looking at the communication of the service group, I scraped my shoes when I got off the bus , It's really a problem we encountered for the first time , Our colleagues have gone to the Service Center , I hope to meet you and learn about , The specific situation will certainly be properly solved , I'm very sorry , The inconvenience caused to you .”

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The owner replied to “ That is, there are friends around , Or I can't tell .” The car owner seems not satisfied with Wei Lai's reply . There are more comments from people who eat melons “ Even if you scratch your shoes , It's ridiculous to be able to break, okay !”“ It seems that you should pay attention to getting off .”

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However, a netizen in the comment area also expressed different views , And below each questioning comment , All replied ,“ All these accelerator pedals are made of plastic , And they all have the design of fault zones and induction grooves , It is relatively easy to break the pedal after negative force application .”

Based on Wei Lai's event and reply , I don't know what you think ? Whether Wei Lai's reply is reasonable ?( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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