Atitit.alt + Tab does not respond to the car and click the taskbar. The program flashes but cannot be switched

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atitit.alt atitit alt tab respond

Atitit.ALT+TAB No response car and  Click the taskbar, the program flashes, but it can't switch


 1.  Maybe your Alt+Tab The key has been disabled by someone else , Try the following method : 1

 2.  Why disable Alt+Tab 1

 3. ALT+TAB The historical role of 2

 4.  Solution ::AltTabTuner1.0.1 The green version ( System setup software 2

 5.  Reference resources 3


1.  Maybe your Alt+Tab The key has been disabled by someone else , Try the following method :

Start - function - Input regedit, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, In the right window , double-click CoolSwitch Set its value to 1(0 Means closing Alt+Tab function )


3、 ... and , One of them can't ...



2.  Why disable Alt+Tab

Prevent switching from exiting the game window in the game .

There are ten shortcut keys in the game , Conflict orchid

Industrial control software to prevent misoperation

If you are based on Windows  operating system Do system integration , You may want your final product to monopolize system resources . You want to regulate user behavior , For example, you don't want users to press Ctrl+Alt+Del Terminate a process , Or press Win Key to pop up the start menu , Or press Alt+Tab Key combination to switch to another application

Examination system , The customer requires that the test page be displayed in full screen after opening , And you can't do anything else except this page , I checked some relevant information and learned that , utilize Javascript It doesn't really shield ALT+TAB key , Because this is a system level shortcut

An examination system , To prevent candidates from switching screens , Some keys need to be shielded , such as alt+tab,win Key, etc , Please help


3. ALT+TAB The historical role of

stay  Windows 3  in , You cannot place programs or files in “ desktop ” On . When you minimize the program , They will enter the area behind the floating window . Because accessing these minimized applications usually requires moving a series of windows first , therefore  Alt+Tab  Keyboard shortcuts have become a popular way to switch between these running programs .





4.  Solution ::AltTabTuner1.0.1 The green version ( System setup software

No thumbs grid  Configured as a 10*10 ,,restart exploere, 3、 ... and , go ok LAN ..





5.  Reference resources

Keyboard hook shielding Win key 、Alt+Tab Key response  -  college  _ IT168.htm

JavaScript Control page full screen , And the use of ALT+TAB Key switch  - - ITeye Technology website .htm

Windows Historical interface review and Windows 8 User experience _ industry _ Information Center _ Driving China .htm


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