The listing price of 2022 Volvo V60 ranges from 304300 yuan to 395800 yuan

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listing price volvo v60 ranges

recently , The driving sight is known from the official ,2022 Volvo V60( Parameter picture ) Officially listed , The new car has come out 4 models , Price range: 30.43 Ten thousand yuan -39.58 Ten thousand yuan . Power will be available in two different versions .

aesthetic , The new car still maintains the old design style , And continue to provide luxury and sports versions of two different designs , The specific term , The front face of the new car adopts a large air inlet grille , The internal network is blackened . Family light sets are still equipped on both sides of the front , Very high identification after lighting .

interiors ,2022 Volvo V60 Still based on simple design style , At the same time, the embedded large-size central control screen brings a good sense of science and Technology . It is worth mentioning that , The new car will also provide Bowers & Wilkins Baohua Weijian hall level sound is optional , Have 15 Separate speakers .( The top model is standard )

motivation , With a new car 2.0T Turbocharged engine +48V Light mixed system . among B4 Model engine maximum power 197 horsepower ,B5 Model engine maximum power 250 horsepower . Transmission system , Will match 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And adopt the precursor layout .

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