The first batch of Xiaopeng P7 has been sent to Norway and will be delivered to pengyou, Norway as soon as October

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batch xiaopeng p7 sent norway

Let's review the appearance , Xiao peng P7 The front face is very sci-fi , The design of split headlights and closed front grille brings high recognition , The rounded arc and sharp lines are layered . The body side lines are soft , Concealed door handle design , Reduce wind resistance and enhance the sense of Technology . The rear of the car has obvious sliding back lines , The carriage moves backward as a whole , Showing a style similar to the rear drive sports car .

The duckling tail at the end of the car brings a good sense of movement . Body size , New car Manager : wide : The high dimensions are 4880/1896/1450 mm , Wheelbase up to 2998 mm .

Newly added P7 Rear drive standard range models and on sale models P7 Compared with the rear drive long endurance model , Except for the difference in mileage , Other aspects such as appearance 、 interior 、 There is no difference in configuration between intelligent and automatic driving . before ,8 month 15 When day , Xiaopeng auto official has announced 7 Monthly delivery results . data display , Xiao peng car 7 The total monthly delivery volume exceeded 8000 for the first time , achieve 8040 platform , Year-on-year increase 228%, It surged month on month compared with June 22%, It significantly broke the historical monthly delivery record just broken last month .

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