Mazda mx-30 is about to enter the U.S. market. There are many bright spots in the design of opposite door

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mazda mx-30 mx enter u.s.

The netizen of Chejia number , Hello everyone ! Today's car selection network brings you about Mazda MX-30 The latest news of , Please click to follow the car selection network , Learn the latest car information at the first time . recently , Car selection network learned from overseas media , Mazda MX-30 Or will it be this year 10 Listed in the United States in January , The starting price of the new car is 33470 dollar ( renminbi 21.66 Ten thousand yuan ), But with the corresponding tax relief policy , The starting price after subsidy is 27145 dollar ( renminbi 17.57 Ten thousand yuan ), In terms of price , The new car is still competitive .

The new car uses the family's iconic design language , Very recognizable . The size of the front grille looks smaller than the current model , The grille adopts blackened design , Further enhance the sportiness of the new car . The light groups on both sides are integrated with the grille , The visual width effect of the front face of the new car is further improved .

The side design of the new car is very attractive , The first is the smooth and concise lines , Outline the good shape of the whole vehicle ; Secondly, the split door is adopted , So as to further bring more space for passengers to get on and off . The overall design and design of the rear of the new car CX-30 similar , However, a line is added above the license plate cover , It has the effect of making the finishing point .

Interior upholstery of the new car , A lot of cork and recycled materials are used , Equipped with full LCD instrument panel and 8.8 Inch suspension center control screen , Enhance their sense of Technology . motivation , New car carrying e-SKYACTIV Pure electric powertrain , The maximum power of the motor is 105kW, The maximum torque is 265N·m, stay WLTP The driving range is 200km, Meet the daily needs of users .

Choose your point of view : The appearance of the new car is simple and smooth , There are many highlights in the details , It provides users with better selectivity .

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