The new hailax GR sport version is photographed in real time, with a new 2.8T engine suspension upgrade

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new hailax gr sport version

recently , We learned from overseas media , The new Toyota hailax Hilux GR Sport The new model was officially unveiled , New car will be 10 Month official listing . this , Compared with the ordinary model, the new car is mainly equipped with an exclusive sports kit , The suspension system is also optimized , And equipped with a new 2.8 L four cylinder turbocharged diesel , Better performance .

aesthetic , New car adopted GR Sport Version exclusive surround Kit , Make the vehicle look more dynamic 、 personality , Especially the big mouth front grille , Except for the bright black color , Still implanted in the middle “TOYOTA” White words LOGO, While improving vehicle recognition , It also brings a stronger sense of visual impact . Besides ,GR Sport Exclusive identification also further indicates identity .

As for the front siege , The shape is very radical , And the whole line is also full of a sense of power , Coupled with the domineering fog lampshade on both sides , Let the vehicle show its unique charm .

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