Exploration Hall of 2021 Chengdu auto show: new Audi q2l appears

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exploration hall chengdu auto new

On the front face , The new car adopts the blackened polygon medium mesh style , Embedded matrix texture ; The headlamp groups on both sides are changed to multi matrix modeling , Adopted 7 Independent LED Intelligent module control , It can further improve the lighting effect ; And the lower bumper , The shape of the diversion port on both sides is changed to triangular shape , With honeycomb texture .

The side , The new car has a new waistline design , Multiple waist lines crisscross , Outline multiple block faces , It also gives the new car a sense of science and Technology ; At the same time, the new car will B/C The columns are blackened , Create a rich three-dimensional sense of space . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4257(4270)/1785/1547mm, The wheelbase is 2628mm.

On the rear of the car , The change in new cars is not as obvious as in the front face , However, careful observation shows that the original smooth lines have become more rigid , Also make the whole tail layer clear ; The triangular diversion port surrounded by the lower part echoes with the front bar , And cleverly embedded the rear fog lamp group ; However, the new car still uses the cash hidden exhaust layout .

The new car will provide a version with exclusive paint , Many details are also added with exclusive RS Style Kit , Including front grille 、 Front bumper 、 rear bumper 、 Silver exterior rearview mirror 、 Hub, etc , It is expected that its interior will also have exclusive design .

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