Spy exposure of all-new Range Rover SVR test vehicle

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spy exposure all-new new range

With the guards of Land Rover 、 range 、 Found three main models selling well , Its brand has also gradually opened the road of recovery in the Chinese market . At present, only the range rover has not ushered in a modified model , Product power has been reduced , But now the new range rover and Lanyun , Even the high-performance version is under test . All new and modified Range Rover models will be in 2022 Officially appeared in , At the same time, the fuel version 、 Plug in mixed version 、 Pure electric version of various power models .

At present, the appearance of the test vehicle is covered with a lot of camouflage , I can't see any details except the outline , Therefore, it is expected that the overall change will be great . The new range rover will still maintain the traditional design style of the range rover family , The wide and straight front with the strong body shape is still very hard , In addition, the range rover SVR The version will use more sporty designs , Including blackened body kits , And nameplate identification , Bigger rims , Narrower tires , And red brake calipers to highlight performance .

Land Rover's suspended roof design is still retained at the rear of the body , It is expected that a new tail lamp set and bumper design will be used , The four exhaust holes on both sides below also represent the identity of the high-performance version of the range rover . Hesitation is not mass production , Chrome plated decorative packages are also expected , More fighting .

Finally, because the global market is in the era of electrification , The all-new range rover will also launch a pure electric version . Because the new model is born from the electrification property MLA platform , motivation ,SVR A range of models will use 4.4T/5.0T V8 The engine , There may also be hydrogen fuel cell models in the future , At the same time, the new car will be equipped with rear wheel steering technology .

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