2022 Porsche taycan, pink blessing, won countless girls

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porsche taycan pink blessing won

In recent days, , Porsche has launched its... In overseas markets 2022 paragraph Taycan, Compared with the current model, the new model has increased Android Auto、 Remote parking and 65 There are four body colors to choose from . The new car is expected to go on sale at the end of the year , The overseas price is 81250 The dollar up .

First of all, in terms of appearance , The new car continues the classic streamlined design of the Porsche family , Coupled with a powerful aerodynamic package , Create a strong sense of movement , In terms of body color , The new car will provide Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus Two color palettes , The former will include 65 Colors to choose from , The latter is a highly customized color selection scheme . This means that the new car will have more colors for consumers to choose , And more personalized customization . Use Paint to Sample From definition Taycan The appearance of the , The paint and wheel hub can be matched together 2500 Many combinations .

configuration , The new car provides automatic parking , The driver can activate this function in the vehicle and get off , The vehicle automatically completes the parking action , Or control the parking process through mobile phone . It also began to provide wireless Android Auto function , But it has little to do with domestic car owners , Continue to improve Apple Music + Podcast function .

In terms of charging , The new car has better thermal management system and charging function , among Turbo Charging Planner Allow earlier fast charging , And use high-power charging to heat the battery to shorten the charging time . And by collecting excess heat from electronic components , The battery temperature will be better adjusted .

In this era of electric vehicles , The acceleration of trams makes the acceleration of fuel vehicles slightly cheaper , More than 300000 Tesla can kill 100% of the road 80 Fuel truck , Are you willing to pay for it ?

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