Spy photos of high-end performance alpina B4 four door coupe unveiled

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Alpina Is an automobile production company located in Bavaria, Germany , Although it is generally considered to be a modification plant for BMW models , however Alpina In fact, it has passed as an automobile manufacturer TÜV authentication , therefore Alpina It is also regarded as one of the smallest car manufacturers in Germany . Its modified BMW model not only has super power performance , At the same time, it also has a more high-end tonality . And with BMW's launch of a new generation M3 and M4 models ,ALPINA The refit also has a knife object .

In recent days, , Foreign media photographed it ALPINA B4 Spy photos of the four door coupe , The new car is based on the new BMW 4 Department building , The appearance and interior upholstery have been upgraded , And adjusted the power system , It will be by the end of this year , Or it will be officially unveiled early next year .

You can see , In terms of appearance, it has maintained the same appearance as 4 Same design , But the details incorporate more sporty experiences , Including the replacement of new large-size rims , Upgraded brakes to provide , And tires . The shape of the front bumper has changed , At the same time, it will be changed ALPINA Your exclusive logo and to highlight your identity . at present , Information about the changes to the new car was not officially disclosed , But according to the previous modification experience , ALPINA B4 More high-end materials will be used , And the interior layout with a more sense of design , Further highlight the different models .

The rear of the new car is expected to use a brand-new lower surround , Incorporate the design of the diffuser , Further highlight the dynamic . motivation ,ALPINA B4 It is expected to continue to carry 3.0T Six cylinder engine , There will be original 374 Increase the horsepower to 410 horsepower , And to highlight ALPINA Achievements in performance modification , The new car is expected to be officially delivered to consumers next year .

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