Cost performance is still the biggest advantage, and the suspected price of modern kustui is exposed

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cost performance biggest advantage suspected

recently , Some relevant media have exposed the latest of suspected Beijing Hyundai MPV models — The model price of Hyundai Cousteau . From the information of exposure , A new car may be launched 6 Model configuration , It includes 3 paragraph 1.5T Model and 3 paragraph 2.0T models , Price range: 17.88-23.48 Ten thousand yuan . It is reported that , New car positioning medium and large MPV, Expected this year 9 Official listing .

aesthetic , The new car adopts a modern new family design , A penetrating chrome trim strip is designed above the front of the car , The flat headlights are directly integrated with the large grille , The grille adopts a shape similar to inverted trapezoid , The interior is decorated with a large number of decorative pieces similar to scales , Form a dot matrix Chinese open style . Both sides of the bumper of the new car are designed with fog lights and black decorative panels , There are also silver guards at the bottom of the front , The modeling style of the front of the car is similar to that of the city SUV Be closer to , It seems very household .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4950/1850/1734mm, The wheelbase is 3055mm, The body size is between GL8 Between and Odyssey . The side shape of the new car is different from the mainstream MPV The more similar , It has a short front suspension and front ,D The column has a certain inclination , Chrome plated decorative strip is designed at this position , Make the side shape of the new car not dull . in addition , The new car is also equipped with sports style two-color 18 Inch wheels , Make the new car look more energetic .

The rear side , The new car adopts a through tail lamp design , Tail lights on both sides C Glyph layout , Similar designs have also appeared on some Hyundai cars . The overall tail design is relatively simple , It mainly creates a certain sense of hierarchy through broken lines and surfaces .

interiors , The new car is equipped with a two spoke steering wheel , The size of full LCD instrument is small , and 10.4 The inch central control screen adopts a vertical layout and is placed in the center of the central console . As a MPV models , New car adopted 2+2+3 Seat layout , The second row seats support electric adjustment , It also supports three ride mode switching , At the same time, the second row of sunshades , The overall care for the comfort of the rear passengers is very good .

motivation , New cars will carry 1.5T and 2.0T Two engines , The maximum power is respectively 170 Horsepower and 236 horsepower , matching 8AT transmission .

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