The new Mercedes Benz C-class will be launched on August 27

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new mercedes benz c-class class

According to related media reports , Beijing Benz's new generation Benz C Level will be on 8 month 27 Official listing . The new car is based on Mercedes Benz MRA Platform to build , A new generation of Mercedes Benz S Level design language , From the appearance and interior, it looks like a small S level .

aesthetic , The new car adopts a grid design similar to rounded trapezoid , A large Trident Xinghui logo is hung in the center of the grille , And embellished with a through chrome trim . A large number of Trident star shaped ornaments are also used inside the grid to form a dot matrix medium grid layout , It looks very imposing and exquisite . Compared with the current model, the new model's headlamp is more flat and compact , The bumper shape of the sports model is also more publicized . in addition , The new car will also launch a stand-alone model for the Chinese market , More suitable for loving stability 、 Consumers of atmospheric appearance .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4882/1820/1461mm, The wheelbase is 2954mm. Compared with the current model , The new car has improved in all dimensions , However, it still maintains the elegant and round line design of the cash model . And in the rear , The new car uses and S Class similar triangular tail lamp , The design of the interior light group is very exquisite . At the bottom of the rear, a trim panel similar to the shape of air diffuser is used , The exhaust layout of double side and double outlet is adopted , Further enhance the overall sense of movement .

interiors , New cars also use a lot of and brand-new S Level similar design language . The new car is equipped with a separate suspended all LCD instrument , The large vertical central control screen is arranged in the center of the central console , And some touch buttons are reserved at the bottom of the screen . The whole center console design of the new car adopts the inclined shape similar to that of a yacht , The classic round air conditioning outlet is adjusted to a rounded rectangular design , The luxury atmosphere in the car is still significantly ahead of its competitors of the same level .

motivation , It is reported that , New cars will be available at the beginning of the market C 200 L and C 260 L Two power models , All of them are equipped with 1.5T Turbocharged engines and 48V Light mixed system , The maximum power is respectively 170 Horsepower and 204 horsepower , matching 9AT transmission . The follow-up new car is expected to be equipped with 2.0T The engine's C 300 L models .

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