The new Peugeot 508l official map will be released on August 27

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new peugeot official map released

According to related media reports , Dongfeng Peugeot's new Peugeot 508L The model will be in 7 month 27 Official listing . Officials recently released the official map of the new car , As a model of the year , The configuration of each model will be optimized , To enhance the overall product competitiveness .

aesthetic , The new car basically continues the appearance design of the current model . The front of the car adopts a flat grille with a dot matrix China open shape , With chrome trim on both sides , Very delicate . The headlight has a sharp shape , The model is highly recognizable tusk LED The daytime running lights extend from the interior of the headlights to both sides of the bumper , Significantly increase the aggressiveness of the front of the car , It's full of personality .

The side profile of the new car will also not be adjusted , Still maintain the standard hatchback proportion , For domestic models, after lengthening the wheelbase , Does not destroy its overall sense of proportion , Make the side of the new car still look smooth and stretch . in addition , The new car will provide a more sporty double five spoke rim , To enhance the overall dynamic .

The rear side , The new car will continue to use the three-stage tail lamp shape officially called lion claw , Match with the black trim panel in the center , It looks very recognizable . The overall rear design has a rich sense of hierarchy , And use the exhaust layout of double side and double outlet , Meet one B The temperament of class a family car .

interiors , Refer to the cash model , The new car is not expected to make significant adjustments , It will continue to be equipped with a compact multi-functional steering wheel with flat shape up and down , And full LCD instrument and embedded central control screen . Some physical keys will be reserved at the bottom of the central control screen for easy operation , In addition, the electronic gear lever and atmosphere lamp are configured , It gives the overall interior atmosphere a sense of technology and refinement .

motivation , New cars will continue to be shipped 1.6T(360THP) and 1.8T(400THP) Two engines , The maximum power is respectively 125 Kilowatts and 155 kw , The peak torque is respectively 250 Niudunmi and 300 Newton meters .

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