Tesla Model y standard endurance version delivered to musk today: good quality control

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tesla model standard endurance version

8 month 26 Japan news : Today, , Officially announced by Tesla , First Tesla Model Y The standard endurance version was delivered in Beijing .


meanwhile , Tesla also opened a Tesla owner lecture hall , Deepen the owner's understanding of the car .

7 month 8 Japan , Tesla announced the big news , go online Model Y Rear wheel drive standard range , The price is 27.6 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the previous long-range version and Performance The price of the high-performance version has dropped sharply 7.19 Million and $ 10 Ten thousand yuan .

Due to the hot sales , It's just Model Y Within the first day of the launch of the standard endurance version , Its orders have exceeded 1 Thousands of cars .

meanwhile , Today Tesla CEO Musk also tweeted a comment about Model Y Microblog with rigorous product quality control .

Musk said “ Tesla China , good job ”.


According to foreign media data , at present , Tesla Shanghai Super factory Model Y Daily output reaches 1000 car , More than the Model3 Daily output of 800 car .

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