Faraday announced in the future that qmerit will provide electric vehicle home charging service

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faraday announced future qmerit provide

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Faraday's future FF Announce the largest electric vehicle charging network installation supplier in the United States Qmerit For partners , Support future home charging needs and other future energy related devices .

Faraday's future global CEO Carsten Breitfeld Express :“ Leading infrastructure provider in the industry Qmerit With the help of the ,Faraday Future Will be FF 91 An important step has been taken in the process of pushing to the market . I'm glad we have FF 91 Users will easily enjoy our industry-leading charging and energy solutions .”

According to introducing , Users only need to be in FF App or FF.com Once you have completed a questionnaire, you can start making an appointment .Qmerit Our certified installers will complete customized installation services at the convenience of users .

FF 91 Futurist alliance edition and FF 91 The Futurist version of the two models represent the next generation of intelligent Internet electric vehicles (EV) product . Let users experience the third Internet living space , It also includes high-end technology 、 Ultimate user experience and complete ecosystem .

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