"The driver's license is valid for life" is very simple. Just do 2 points!

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driver license valid life simple.

Last Wednesday , My friend Lao Wang was stopped by the traffic police while driving for routine inspection , Because the driver's license has expired 10 God , Fined by the traffic police 1000 element . I didn't get a new driver's license in time because I was busy at work , It's very uncomfortable to be fined . Lao Wang thought , If the driver's license does not expire , Just use it effectively all the time .

For the kind of driver's license that Lao Wang thought would not expire , In fact, it can be owned , As long as you do well 2 Just a little bit . According to the regulation : The first driver's license ( With C1 Take the driver's license as an example ), Valid for 6 year , After that 6 It will expire in years , If you want to continue driving, you have to apply for a new license . that , What can I do to get a lifetime valid driver's license ?

First , After getting the driver's license for the first time , As long as 6 No deduction has been made in each point cycle of the year 12 Points of , In a more popular way , stay 6 Within the validity period of , Less than... Points are deducted every year 12 Points of , After the driver's license expires , To apply for a new driver's license , The second driver's license , There is 10 The valid service life is years .

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