BYD 35000 no one wants, inventory disaster! Sales: if you lower the price, you'll get it for nothing!

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byd wants inventory disaster sales

Natural selection , The survival of the fittest . Now the automobile market is developing faster and faster , Even many old businesses are not in the car industry , Finally, they all joined the car building brigade , The most typical is Wuliangye , Gree can accept it , After all, new energy vehicles have something to do with its old business, the electrical industry , But Wuliangye makes people very surprised , however , Wuliangye is also very serious in dealing with the matter of building a car , The sales volume of Kaiyi produced is also OK .

With more and more domestic auto enterprises , Old car companies that used to have a good life , It's getting more and more sad now . such as , BYD has had unsalable vehicles before . Flag F3 When the model was first launched, sales were flat , Over time , BYD F3 Finally, it was labeled as an old car . Once you put this label on , Young people basically won't buy it , Can only make this kind of car more and more difficult to sell .

But there's still so much in stock F3, Like this, , All these cars can only be smashed in your hand , in addition , With the renewal of the domestic market , BYD F3 The popularity of this car is getting lower and lower , All in all , BYD decided to reduce the price of the car . But even if the price is reduced to 3.5 ten thousand , The sales volume of this car is still not up , No wonder the salesperson reluctantly said : If you lower the price again, you'll really give it away !

BYD F3 There are also new models , However, the appearance of this car is still quite old-fashioned , There seems to be nothing commendable on the whole , In short, it is not popular in the mainstream market , In addition, this car is positioned as a family car , So various configurations are not very good , Yes, of course , The price is certainly not high .

however , If you just finished your driver's license , You can drive this car for the first two years , After all, novices , There will inevitably be bumps ,3.5 It's good to practice with Wan's car .

You think BYD F3 The car 3.5 Is it worth starting ? How much is the best way to start ?

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