The BMW X7 is luxurious and equipped with 3.0T and 4.4t engines

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bmw x7 luxurious equipped 3.0t

BMW X7, aesthetic , Large blackened double kidney grille with square front shape , It gives a very hard feeling , The angel eye headlights on the left and right sides are very high-end , When lit, the effect is excellent , The lower air inlet has a black honeycomb texture , The diversion ports on both sides are designed to be dynamic . BMW X7, Locate large objects SUV, Body size, length, width and height are respectively 5163/2000/1835mm, The wheelbase is 3105mm, The side lines of the vehicle are still relatively straight , Let it have a hard side SUV The feeling of , Black window line , Black exterior rearview mirror and large wheel rim , Further enhance the sense of movement on the side . The rear of the car is in simple design , Added horizontal lines , To broaden the visual effect of the tail , The through lamp group with blackening treatment is also a popular design nowadays .

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