With a range of more than 500 kilometers, these independent new energy vehicles are worth seeing

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range kilometers independent new energy

Under the background of national six emission standards , What kind of car would you buy as your own scooter ? I personally like to be motivated , Less fuel consumption , The space is large , Less trouble , A cheap car , I believe most people are the same as me when choosing a car .

And traditional fuel cars , Under the general situation of emphasizing low emission , If the emission requirements are met, consumers' demand for power cannot be fully met . therefore , Major automobile enterprises have turned their attention to the field of new energy .

today , Xiaobian will talk to you about three models with a range of more than 500 Kilometers of independent new energy vehicles , Let's see if our independent new energy vehicles can work ?

The song dynasty Pro( Parameter picture ) New energy

Manufacturer's guide price :16.98-21.98 Ten thousand yuan

Model highlights : High beauty The space is large Endurance really

Byd's song Pro Is it worth looking at ? I think it's worth it . Let's take a look at what its competitive products are ? tanks 300,RAV4 Rongfang and Xingyue L They are all hot in the moment “ Fried chicken ”. And the present “ Hot style ” Become a competitor , The song dynasty Pro What are the secret weapons of new energy ?


I think this car is a very sincere car of BYD , Very recognizable family front face with longan headlights , Domineering dragon engine leaping waistline , The alternative D The column design can be said to be unforgettable .

Headlamp combination “ The first three, the last four ”. The front headlights are of three-stage type , Four section dragon claw headlights are adopted at the back , Echo back and forth .

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