12 points will be deducted if the dash cam is installed on the anti-collision porcelain? The owner asked: can't the recorder be installed?

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points deducted dash cam installed

Increase in road traffic , Various traffic accidents emerge one after another , The traffic police strictly investigate all kinds of violations , Once found , A severe penalty must be imposed . although , Car violations have been dealt with to a certain extent , But another drawback reappears , Some thoughtful people , They often touch porcelain , Obtain improper benefits , They deliberately crash people , From the perspective of vulnerable groups , To blackmail the owner , The person who touched the porcelain , Car owners often have the biggest headache , To solve the porcelain collision event quickly , Often in a private way , Give me a few hundred yuan , Just do it in a hurry , But invisible , But increased their arrogance .

More and more people have joined the ranks of porcelain bumping , The more luxurious the car , It means getting more benefits , Bigger , Some arrogant people , And ask for , Thousands of dollars , It's shocking 、 But porcelain bumpers will also meet some smart car owners , When consumers buy a car , A dash cam is often installed , In case of a one thousand , Even if you meet porcelain bumpers , The scene can also be restored through the dash cam , So that those who touch porcelain can't argue . Originally, it was a good thing for car owners to install dash cam , But the emergence of a case , But it made it difficult for car owners .

When the owner of the car is driving , But was intercepted by the traffic police , I have checked my driver's license and have no objection , But because of the dash cam , Detained 12 branch , The purpose of installing dash cam , Just to prevent porcelain bumpers , Now the plot is reversed , There is a danger of revoking your driver's license , Why is that ? The owner questioned : The recorder cannot be installed ?

Regarding this , The traffic police also explained , The traffic police pointed out , There is nothing wrong with the installation of dash cam , But the owner installed the dash cam above his line of sight , While driving , It is not conducive to observing cars coming from afar , It's very unsafe , therefore , Car owners should be punished !

In life , In addition to installing the dash cam in the front position , It will also be installed in the mirror position , Watch the cars coming from behind , And the surrounding environment , And the worst thing to do , It is installed directly in front . After hearing the explanation from the traffic police , It has also been understood in the heart , I didn't expect that a dash cam has so much attention , So he quickly changed his position , Brain filling all kinds of car knowledge .

Here it is , Traffic police tips , After buying the car , It can make 4S Store direct installation processing , Other configurations , Consumers who don't understand cars must ask for advice with an open mind , Lest you don't know , Cause a fine , Deduction of points 、 Besides , You must pay attention to safety when driving on the road , Pedestrians and non motor vehicles are vulnerable groups , Be polite to pedestrians , But when you touch porcelain , Also believe in the fair and just treatment of the law

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