Changan's first MPV, with high appearance and strong performance

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changan mpv high appearance strong

MPV Models are more and more loved by Chinese people , At present, the model with higher domestic price belongs to Baojun 730 And Lifan xuanlang , Good reputation in the market , In the face of such a big fat meat, how can other brands give up ! Recently, Chang'an's high face value MPV Officially into the market , Starting price positioning 6 Ten thousand yuan , And directly aim at Baojun 730, Can Chang'an lingxuan perform well , Make a judgment after understanding !

The appearance design of Chang'an lingxuan continues the traditional family style , The front face is full , The polygonal medium grid air inlet grille is decorated with three chrome plated strips , And the headlights on both sides are tightly connected , The overall coherence is more visible , The convex and concave waistline on the side is sharp and stylish , Through the whole body , Stretch the length visually , The tail shape is square , A strong sense of hierarchy , The middle part is set off by eagle eye headlights LOGO sign , Enhance recognition , The exhaust pipe is of concealed design . The exterior is surrounded by practical silver guard decoration , A little more dynamic .

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