Delivery of the first Tesla Model y standard endurance version

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delivery tesla model standard endurance

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Japan , First Tesla Model Y The standard endurance model is delivered in Beijing . tesla Model Y Since this year, 1 Since the order was opened in China in January , Hot sales continue , The sales volume has been stable for many months , And BBA And other luxury brands , It has become one of consumers' favorite luxury cars .

Second half of this year , Standard renewal Model Y The emergence of car models , Expanded Tesla product matrix , Once again refresh the cost performance standard of all intelligent pure electric vehicles , It provides consumers with new travel choices .

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tesla Model Y The starting price of the standard endurance version is 276,000 element , recharge mileage ( National standard working condition method ) achieve 525 km . Single motor rear wheel drive power configuration , It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 5.6 second , The maximum speed can reach 217 km / Hours , Premium interior kit as standard , It is favored by many car owners with strong product power and high cost performance .

Delivery ceremony site , The new car owners received the new car keys and... At the carefully decorated delivery ceremony “ Owner's passport ”, And attended the Tesla owner Lecture . In lively lectures and interesting games , Deepen the understanding of your car , Better integrate into Tesla's warm family in interactive communication . Tesla delivery personnel said , We delivered more than just a car , It is also the trust between the hearts of both sides . Delivery is not the end , But the beginning of mutual trust , It is also the official departure of the new intelligent pure electric travel lifestyle .