Porsche's MPV is different and does not have a co driver

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porsche mpv different driver

I don't know if you still remember a model designed by Porsche last year named Vision Renndienst Of MPV Concept car , But at that time, it only showed the appearance of the car , I didn't elaborate on other aspects , Recently, they finally announced the interior design of the car , It really brightens people's eyes .

the Vision Renndienst With the traditional MPV The biggest difference is , The car seat adopts 1-2-3 Form of layout , But there is only one driver's seat , And there's no co pilot yet . At the same time, the driver's seat and steering wheel are set in the middle of the whole vehicle , This design is not to say in MPV In the model , It is also very special in the whole automobile industry .

besides , The left and right windows of this car adopt an asymmetric design form , The rear window is on the right , There is no rear window on the left . According to the official description, this design can better protect users' privacy .

At the same time, the car is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof with adjustable transparency , At nightfall , You can open it , Looking up at the starry sky .

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