Think the independent brand is too conservative? Then you haven't seen these original modified cars!

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think independent brand conservative haven

Compared with conventional models , The modified car because of its appearance 、 More or less changes have been made in the interior and power , Thus showing distinctive characteristics , So as to meet the personalized needs of different users . Although the sales volume of original modified vehicles can not be compared with that of ordinary models , But its heat is much higher than that of ordinary models . In recent years, after domestic car enterprises have gradually gained a firm foothold in the market , There are also many very personalized modified models .

tanks 300 Ranger

tanks 300 It is a hardline off-road vehicle with high heat at present .8 month 21 Japan , The tank brand and Yunliang cross-country jointly created “ Official modified ” The model tank ranger was officially launched . Its guiding price is 24.88 Ten thousand yuan , Provides 4 A body color . In the tank 300 On the basis of , The new car has a new style of front and rear surround , And integrated in the front bar WARN capstan , Such off-road special equipment as wading throat will not be absent . meanwhile , The tank Ranger is also equipped with professional off-road tires and shock absorbers , The power system is similar to the tank 300 bring into correspondence with .

The red flag H9 Forbidden City Theme Edition

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