Born trendsetter Lincoln adventurer Corsair mono limited edition hit 289800 yuan

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born trendsetter lincoln adventurer corsair

Never deny ,2020 The year of Lincoln's rise . From the advent of the first Lincoln adventurer , It opened Lincoln's new door in China . Younger , More dynamic , The smarter and more luxurious Lincoln brand , Bring products that can't be missed by all ages . Entry is a luxury adventurer , Another new product .

What does white mean ? Represents purity , Stands for pure , Of course, it also represents the same . Regardless of any industry , White is the most inclusive color , If you put Ta Put it on the rim , It must be a luxury that gives more youth and power SUV, Called Lincoln adventurer Corsair MONI Limited Edition , Definitely the fashion taste of the younger generation . Fully interpret Lincoln brand “ Luxury has its way ” The brand concept of , This car is limited to 500 Taiyo , The price is 289800 element .

As Lincoln's first Chinese “ wisdom ” build , At the same time, it is also the most fashionable and dynamic model of the brand , Lincoln adventurers rely on “ Howe ” Uncompromising strong product strength , Win the favor of many Chinese customers , After listing, the cumulative sales volume exceeded 6 Ten thousand units , Become the star pop in the market segment and the absolute sales volume of Lincoln brand . If TA Become MONO Lincoln adventurer in white , That must be more beautiful .

Since it's a limited edition , There must be a bright spot ,MONO White front grille 、 Side logo and lower surround , Outline the lines of vehicle art . The interior adopts the exclusive Topaz interior color matching , This rare natural blue topaz from California , It symbolizes confidence and peace .

This is an age of intelligence , Limited edition must have better advanced intelligence , Lincoln adventurer MONO The limited edition is equipped with the third generation Lincoln SYNC+ Smart bank interconnection system ,12.8 Inch large HD touch screen , It must be easier to use and safer 、 Intelligent speech supporting natural semantic recognition 、 Rich functions such as car entertainment and ecological service .

At the same time, Lincoln adventurer MONO It is also equipped with vehicle road coordination function , Including traffic lights ahead 、 Green light prompt, green wave guidance and other identification information , And there is 20 More than one humanized driving assistance and safety technology configuration , This includes the belt Stop & Go Automatic follow function ACC Intelligent adaptive cruise control system 、 Pedestrian monitoring and monitoring AEB Of active emergency braking function PCA Anti collision warning system , It can help the driver to actively brake the vehicle to a low-risk speed in case of emergency , Even stop directly . It also includes LDW Lane departure warning system and LKA Lane keeping assist system , Once the system finds lane departure, it will prompt and assist in correction . Besides , The vehicle is also equipped with a lane keeping system and a warning system with incoming vehicles on both sides BLIS Blind area monitoring system, etc .

Ghost car view : Lincoln adventurer is sharp , Very fierce , because TA Very young , And his own Lincoln flyer 、 More suitable for young people than navigators . Especially this time the white , I love it. , And you? ?

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