Tesla will hold its 2021 annual general meeting on October 7, significantly later than in previous years

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tesla hold annual general meeting

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC) Documents submitted , Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer, will be launched at local time 10 month 7 It's day 2021 Annual general meeting .


In terms of time , Tesla held 2021 The annual general meeting of shareholders is obviously later than in the past few years . It is reported that , from 2017 Year to 2019 year , Tesla's annual general meetings are held in 6 In May .2020 year , Due to the impact of the epidemic , Tesla's annual general meeting was postponed to 9 Held in .

stay 2021 At the annual general meeting , Tesla and its shareholders will 9 Discuss and vote on big issues , this 9 The big issues include the election of board members 、 Shorten the term of office of directors to two years by amending the certificate of incorporation 、 By amending the certificate of incorporation and the articles of association to eliminate the requirement for an appropriate absolute majority of votes 、 Approve the appointment of independent certified public accountants 、 Shareholders' proposal to shorten the term of office of directors to one year 、 Shareholder proposal for additional reporting on diversity and inclusion efforts 、 Shareholder proposal on employee arbitration report 、 Shareholders' proposal on assigning the responsibility for strategic supervision of human capital management to the level committee of the independent board of Directors 、 Shareholder proposal for additional human rights reports .

According to foreign media reports , The shareholders' meeting will be held at Tesla's Fremont plant , It will also be broadcast live online on Tesla's official website .( Little fox )

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