How often should the timing belt and timing chain be replaced?

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timing belt timing chain replaced


The transmission parts of the timing system are divided into timing chain and timing belt , It is an important valve train component on the engine , Related to the core fate of the engine . If there is a problem with the timing belt or timing chain , It will bring many fault problems to the engine , It will even cause the whole engine to be scrapped .

Many car owners only know the importance of both , But I don't know the difference between timing chain and timing belt , Which transmission form is better ? Do you need to replace , How often ?


Timing belt VS Timing chain

1. Timing belt

The timing belt is generally made of rubber , It will wear or age with the increase of engine working time , Therefore, generally, after a certain period of time, the engine equipped with timing belt , It is necessary to replace the timing belt and its accessories .

For all engines , The timing belt must not jump teeth or break . If tooth skipping occurs , The engine does not work properly , There will be unstable idle speed 、 Poor acceleration or failure to hit the car ; And if the timing belt breaks , The engine will shut down immediately , Multi valve engines also cause the piston to bend against the valve , If it is serious, the engine will be directly scrapped .


2. Timing chain

The timing chain is usually made of alloy , Inside the engine , Oil lubrication , In theory, the service life can reach the end of the car , However, in fact, the chain tensioner also has normal wear life , It's almost time to check and replace , The price of tensioner parts is higher than that of timing belt replacement kit , Naturally, it is very small .


3. Which is better, timing chain or timing belt ?

The timing belt makes little noise 、 Low transmission resistance 、 The engine has good power and acceleration performance , Easy replacement, etc , But it's easy to age , The failure rate is relatively high , High maintenance cost .

The advantage of timing chain is long service life 、 Low failure rate , Of course, it also has rotation noise 、 Fuel consumption increases slightly 、 Disadvantages of reduced performance . Of course , With the improvement of Technology , The shortcomings of the timing chain are also slowly improving , According to the current development trend , The timing chain will also be used more .

How often should the timing chain and timing belt be replaced ?

Vehicles using timing belts shall be replaced in strict accordance with the replacement cycle , Usually when the vehicle is driving to 6 ten thousand ~10 It should be replaced at 10000 km , The specific replacement cycle shall be subject to the maintenance manual of the vehicle .

Except for the belt , The tensioner and idler shall be replaced , Some cars and water pumps also need to be replaced , The point is that the hourly fee is also very high . If it is not replaced on time , Once it's broken , It will damage many parts , Valves 、 piston 、 Connecting rods, etc. may be damaged , Maintenance costs will be higher .


The timing chain is very worry free , Most cars won't have a problem even if they don't change , It won't break , Only in case of failure, it needs to be replaced . Long replacement cycle is the biggest advantage of the chain , It can reduce the cost of car owners .

But it also has disadvantages , When the mileage is more , The chain will be stretched , It makes a lot of noise . If the chain is to be replaced , The cost is very high , It costs thousands of yuan at a time . The chain tensioner of some models will also break , The broken chain will also make a noise , Even jumping teeth . Once the gear jumps, it is necessary to re align , The hourly rate is very high . So if the chain doesn't fail , It's easy , Once something goes wrong , High maintenance costs , But timing chain cars rarely break down .

How to judge whether your car is a timing belt ?

First , Whether timing belt or chain , It's invisible from the outside , They all have a side cover . However, we can judge by looking at the material and sealing degree of the cover plate covering the timing belt or chain . If the cover is plastic , It's just fixed with a few simple screws , There is the timing belt . If it's iron or aluminum , There are a lot of screws , The seal is tight , It's the of the chain . The cover plate of the belt is only for shielding dust and foreign matters , The cover plate of the chain not only shields foreign matters , And sealing function , Because it is lubricated by oil , There's oil in it . Where is this cover ? Find the exposed accessory belt , The big cover near the accessory belt is .


secondly , We can check the maintenance manual , If the maintenance content indicates how many kilometers to replace the timing belt , That's the of the belt , If not indicated , It's the chain .


overall , The advantage of timing chain is higher than that of timing belt , Now more and more cars use timing chains , This is for car owners , More worry free and lower car costs . But if your car uses a timing belt , Don't forget to check and replace on time !

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