BBA: the boss of the era of fuel vehicles is being "abandoned" by new energy?

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bba boss era fuel vehicles

2021 The second half of the year , The automotive industry is at a crossroads of change , Chip shortage 、 Data security 、 Cross border car building ......“ New four modernizations ” While meeting great opportunities , It is also facing unprecedented new challenges .


Mercedes EQC stay 2019 It made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

Although the market penetration of new energy vehicles is insufficient 15%, But it has robbed half of the traffic and attention of the auto show and even the market . On the stage when you sing and I appear on the stage of new energy , There is a lonely figure , That's it BBA.

Fuel truck BBA There is no need to dwell on the status of , But in the field of new energy , It's another scene :


Mercedes EQC


Mercedes EQC 7 In sales

Mercedes EQC, As the first mass-produced pure electric car of Mercedes Benz SUV,7 Monthly sales only 318 car .

At the beginning of the year, take advantage of Model Y The effort of reducing prices , BMW will also iX3 Official drop 7 ten thousand .BMW、 The price 7 Ten thousand yuan , These two information points are put together , You have to win back some noodles anyway ? result iX3 Monthly sales of , Still left behind by Wei Lai and Xiao Peng .


audi e-tron GT And 《 The avengers 4》 cooperation

audi e-tron I made great efforts when I first appeared , Spend a lot of money on 《 The avengers 4》 in “ face scan ”. However, even if the price drops 17 Ten thousand Q2L e-tron,7 Monthly sales are only 201 car , The sales volume is only the fuel version Q2L Of 5%.

The kings of the fuel car era , Being hanged by latecomers in the field of new energy , This strong contrast , In fact BBA Current situation .

“ adults , Times have changed ”

1886 year 1 month 29 Japan , German engineer Karl · Benz tried to install the single cylinder gasoline engine developed for many years on the tricycle , This earned him the name of the father of the car , It also left a model for fuel vehicle enterprises for more than 100 years : Car companies = Power research and development + Vehicle assembly .


1886 year , Carl · Benz invented the automobile

therefore , In the world of traditional fuel vehicles , Engine power 、 Vehicle adjustment 、 Ride comfort and other properties are important rules of the game . Even if there is only a difference of tens of thousands of yuan , There will also be a significant gap in the driving quality on the road . Plus the appearance 、 Interior decoration, etc “ Surface factors ”, To support BBA So-called “ Luxury ”.

however ,“ adults , Times have changed ”.


Model 3 High-performance version

The new energy era , The above rules are not so important . The fuel car accelerates 100 kilometers 3-4 Second models only exist in high-performance sports cars with more than one million yuan , The emergence of electric vehicles , Breaking this rule .

40 Wan's Xiaopeng P7, The acceleration of 100 kilometers has reached 4.3 second ; And the price 33.99 Ten thousand yuan Model 3 High-performance version , The 100km acceleration is only 3.3 second ; A little high-end Model S Plaid edition , It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 2.1 second …… by comparison ,EQC The fastest 5.1 second 、iX3 Of 6.8 Seconds are not competitive .

even to the extent that , For ordinary consumers , I want to buy an electric car , Because the electric control gap of motor is very small , Performance differences are hard to detect .



So in the field of new energy , You rarely hear people talk about 100 km acceleration 、 Ride comfort , More about batteries and intelligence . These two aspects , Even if it's BBA Have no absolute right to speak . The rules of the game are being rewritten , and BBA They are also changing from rule makers to followers .

once BBA Proud brand 、 performance , In the new energy era , Become particularly vulnerable .

When I was buying an electric car , What am I buying ?

If there is such a multiple-choice question in front of you :

Your budget is 50 Ten thousand yuan , Want to buy a pure electric car . Now you have several options , The first is to pay for the brand , Like a Mercedes EQC、 BMW iX3 And audi e-tron And other traditional luxury brands , But the endurance is only 300-500 km , Intelligence has , But not completely competitive .

perhaps , Choose one of the new car manufacturers , Of course, it may not work 50 ten thousand .30 About 10000 Tesla Model 3 The endurance has reached 600 km ,50 Ten thousand Benz EQC Only 400 More endurance . If you choose Model 3, save 20 At the same time, it can get more endurance .


BMW iX3 With Mercedes EQC Price comparison

If it's you , How would you choose ? Willing to pay more for a symbol in the field of new energy 20 Ten thousand yuan consumers , It should be a minority .

I don't know if the brand burden is too heavy or something ,BBA There is also a common problem with electric cars : Price is high 、 Low cost performance , Some ungrounded gas . Mercedes EQC、 BMW iX3 And audi e-tron Almost all the prices are in 35-50 Ten thousand yuan .

Price is not the only criterion , But in terms of product power ,BBA In the two most important dimensions , There are no obvious advantages in endurance and intelligence . If you have to buy a pure electric car ,BBA Almost no advantage .


Tesla Shanghai flagship store

Besides buying products , New car manufacturers often bring consumers a new “ Shopping experience ”. Because most of today's new car manufacturing enterprises have not been established for a long time , There is not too much “ The burden of history ”, Adopt direct marketing mode that can communicate directly with consumers .

Past traditions 4S Store mode , There is a gap between enterprises and customers “ Middleman ”, Their aim is to make as high a profit as possible , Consumers will try their best to bargain . Buying a car is also painful , Car sellers also suffer .

Compared with the dealer model , Direct marketing does not “ Middleman ” Earning difference , The price is unified across the country , Consumers save the trouble of bargaining with dealers .


Inside Weilai automobile sales store

Sales in offline stores are not called sales consultants , Renamed product expert . Mainly responsible for taking customers to test drive 、 Introduce products to customers , Finally, help customers place orders , After the order is placed, the delivery expert will deliver the car to the customer . The whole process is very smooth . Except for fear of being “ fleece the flock ”, Consumers have little pain .

This is for BBA for , It is another unattainable advantage .

Now a vicious circle has formed : Because there is no absolute advantage in the product , The sales model is not as transparent as new forces , Cause consumers to flinch ; Electric cars have the problem of low residual value rate of second-hand cars , Used car dealers are unwilling to accept , Who would pay a lot for a car BBA What about your electric car ?

BBA Retreat and advance


When Nokia was popular , Who is 11 Won the sales champion of mobile phone industry in

Before Nokia, which once created the myth of Nokia CEO Yue Ma · Olila (Jorma Ollila) Once recalled in his autobiography :iPhone When it came out , He called 12 Talk to an executive , Ask them about iPhone View of the .

Two of them think it's not enough to fear , The other ten felt , Don't underestimate iPhone.

But compared with the changes in the external environment , Executives are more worried that their quarterly goals will not be achieved . Nokia's performance centered management system , Restricted the turning of the big ship .BBA The same is true .


BMW Project i 1.0 To Project i 2.0

Actually ,BBA Aware of the development trend of new energy, especially pure electricity , Earlier than we expected .

2007 year , Tesla is just in its third year , BMW started “Project i” project , Start to build new energy vehicles for the purpose of mass production ;2010 year , The ambitious Mercedes Benz and BYD established Tengshi , Sword finger pure electric car , Challenge Tesla in China, the world's largest new energy market ; Then Audi, unwilling to be lonely, released e-tron.

But because of the swing in the new energy strategy and internal consumption , Led to today's situation .

obviously , Under the challenge of new car manufacturers led by Tesla ,BBA I have made up my mind to electrify , Start the race of speed and scale .


audi e-tron GT

Audi plans to 2025 year , Investment in R & D and fixed assets is about 350 Billions of euros , Only in the field of model projects and innovative technologies , Audi will invest 170 Billions of euros . meanwhile , To 2025 year , Audi will expand its electric vehicle series to 30 About money , Which about 20 It will be a pure electric model .

Besides , audi e-tron GT It will also be put into the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of this year , New cars and Porsche Taycan All from J1 Pure electric platform , Audi says this car is the top product in its electric model product lineup .



Just before the Chengdu auto show , BMW has released a new pure electric model ——BMW iX. Chengdu auto show , BMW will also focus on “i M BMW” The theme of , Debut of the new BMW X3, The world's first new BMW iX3 New BMW X3 M models .

As a new representative of BMW brand new energy vehicles ,BMW iX Has a lot of hard core technology . A new electronic and electrical architecture is applied , A motor is installed at the front and rear ,WLTP The endurance under working conditions exceeds 600 km , Accelerate less than 100 kilometers 5 second .

meanwhile , BMW uses Gigabit Ethernet in the vehicle bus system for the first time . In the field of Interconnection ,BMW iX It will become the first application in the luxury car market 5G Mass production of technology .


BMW iX Gigabit Ethernet is used in vehicle bus system for the first time

5G Technology is compared to 4G Technically speaking ,5G Technology with faster data transmission speed , And lower data transmission delay . Although at present 5G The concept is hot , But technology is not yet universal , What effect will it have when applied to mass production models ? It also needs to be tested by practice .

except BMW iX outside , Zipzer, chairman of BMW Group, said : To 2023 year , BMW Group will provide... To the global market 25 Electric models , Half of them are pure electric vehicles .


Mercedes Benz launches a new strategy :2030 Only pure electric models are sold in

Mercedes Benz ,7 month 22 Japan , Mercedes - Mercedes Benz holds a new electrification strategy press conference , Daimler and Mercedes - Kang LinSong, chairman of the board of directors of Mercedes Benz, said that Mercedes Benz's electrification strategy will start from “ Electric first ” To “ Fully electric ”.

2022 - 2030 year , Mercedes Benz's investment in pure electric vehicles will exceed 400 Billions of euros . According to its strategic objectives ,2025 year , The sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid models accounted for 50%, Each model will launch a pure electric version ;2030 year , It will be fully electrified , Only pure electric models are sold .


The current relationship is ,BBA The sales of new energy are not as good as Tesla and “ Wei Xiaoli ”, But the sales volume of new energy is only one tenth of that of fuel vehicles .

Undeniable? , Unless there is a big breakthrough in battery technology , Otherwise, it is still difficult for new energy vehicles to compete with fuel vehicles in the short term . But it can not be ignored , In the cake of new energy , It belongs to traditional car enterprises , In especial BBA The proportion of is quite low , Almost negligible .

On the future track of electric vehicles ,BBA I've lost my chance , There's not much time left for them to turn over .

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