What is the super collector drive released by Chang'an automobile? Can it really subvert the winter use of pure trams?

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super collector drive released chang

At present, the automobile industry is in a great change that has not been seen in a century ,“ Double carbon ” The strategy accelerates the transformation of the automobile industry to new energy , The transformation of new energy is very important for domestic and foreign auto enterprises , It's imminent . Changan Automobile takes the initiative to take on and lead the development of new energy automobile industry , Be dedicated to “ The leader of the era of digital electric vehicle popularization ”, Promote industrial development with technological innovation , Continue to pursue more efficient evolution .

8 month 24 Japan , Changan Automobile Co., Ltd “ Open and win-win Integration and innovation ” The science and technology ecology conference was held grandly . It was released at the meeting “ New car New ecology ” New strategy , Comprehensively present the future development blueprint of Chang'an Automobile and the determination of transformation and high-quality development , More bright “ A new generation of super collector drive ” Focus on a number of heavyweights “ Black science and technology ” results , The first strategic model in the field of Chang'an Automobile and tram C385 Also amazing debut .

What is the new generation of super collector drive ?

In general , Now the electric drive systems of electric vehicles on the market are all three in one electric drive system technology , By motor 、 Electronic control and reducer integration . The new generation of super collector drive released by Chang'an automobile is a seven in one electric drive system , This electric drive system will drive the motor 、 retarder 、 Motor controller 、DCDC、DCAC、 DC boost 、 High voltage branch 、 Multi functions such as AC charging are deeply integrated into one , It has the world's first high-frequency pulse heating technology , Efficiency is the core of the electric drive .

Compared with the traditional three in one electric drive system , The new generation of super collector drive of Chang'an automobile has reduced volume 5%、 Weight reduction 10%、 Increased power density 37%、 Noise reduction 15%、 Efficiency improvement 5% Other characteristics , Realized “ Industry ultra high efficiency of electric drive assembly ” and “ The world's first electric drive high frequency pulse heating technology ” Two major technological breakthroughs , It can achieve ultra-low power consumption of 100 kilometers under all road conditions and effectively improve the low temperature mileage in winter 40-70km.

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