Spend 1.38 million on the Mercedes s450l. The owner knows the car very well. When collecting the car, focus on checking the engine and suspension

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spend million mercedes s450l. owner

Now a new Mercedes Benz S Class has been quietly listed , At present, many bosses have bought it , The black Mercedes Benz in the picture S A businessman in Hebei spent 138 Ten thousand yuan for , This is the landing price ,2021 With Mercedes Benz S level S450 L 4MATIC, Simple appearance, business , Full of young fashion , Some people say it has the characteristics of Korean cars , Maybe it's because of the design of China open and headlights , So many bosses say the new Mercedes Benz S Class appearance is not as domineering as the previous generation .

The owner said :“ My previous car was a Mercedes Benz E level , opened 6 year , I planned to change trains at the beginning of the year , I also saw BMW 7 Series and audi A8L, But I'm an old Mercedes Benz owner , Finally, it was a new Mercedes Benz S The class interior attracted , The interior at night is really beautiful , So I bought this new car S450L, The price is a little over budget , But it's OK , Bite your teeth and buy .”

New Benz S450L Positioned as a large car , The length, width and height are respectively 5.32 rice 、1.921 rice 、1.503 rice , The side shape has not changed much from the previous model , The front face and rear of the car and its interior vary greatly , When filling up at the gas station , The staff said that the new Mercedes Benz S The more you look, the more beautiful you feel , I just started to look at it before. It felt like a general , Now I like it more and more , It belongs to durable design .

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