Mercedes Benz's new GLC hypothetical picture is exposed, and the appearance design is similar to that of class C

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mercedes benz new glc hypothetical

In recent days, , A new Mercedes Benz has been exposed in a foreign magazine GLC Imaginary map of , The new car has adopted a new appearance design , With the brand new C Level similar , It is expected to appear next year .

From the hypothetical picture , The appearance of the new car is lower than that of the current model 、 wide , The front face is shaped with C Same design as grade , The triangular headlights become more rounded , The size of the front air grille becomes larger , There is a vertical network design in the middle . meanwhile , The tail light design of the new car may be different from the latest C Level similar , Adopt willow leaf style .

On the interior , The new car will also adopt the latest style of Mercedes Benz , Equipped with large-size suspended LCD instrument panel and vertical central control OLED screen , Built in Mercedes Benz's latest MBUX System . meanwhile , The steering wheel of a new car will adopt two styles , One is the three spoke style that is biased towards administration , The other is the multi spoke sports steering wheel . The new car is expected to be provided 7 A version .

Power on , The new car is expected to carry 1.5T as well as 2.0T The engine , And will introduce 48V Light mixed system . The new car will also launch a plug-in hybrid version .

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