You can ride at the age of 16. These three electric vehicles don't need a driver's license, and the license plate is free

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Recently, it's school season again , Many students want to ride an electric motorcycle , But some haven't arrived yet 18 One year old , Can't take the driving test , There's no way to ride an electric motorcycle . this 3 This electric car is full 16 One year old can ride , Nice appearance , The performance is not bad either , You don't have to take a driver's license .

1、 Little cute beast than Devon Mini

Little cute beast Mini It is an urban young and fashionable female scooter , You see, it's small and light , Organic collocation of circle and square , Trendy aesthetic design concept , Build a leisure modern travel beauty .

Crescent symmetrical lamp belt with geometric shape lamp group , Unlock the lantern language animation to light up the sense of noble ceremony , Embedded vertical bar front turn signal lamp , Present the flow effect according to the steering command , More dynamic . Little cute beast Mini It also comes with a fantastic boot effect , Colorful gradient breathing lamp , Bring you an immersive star surround experience .

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