SUV leader, what does the Great Wall rely on?

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suv leader great wall rely

Take a stroll in the street , The most easily seen logo is Volkswagen , The most visible model is Haval H6( Parameter picture ), This sentence is enough to reflect Harvard H6 How popular it is in the market . Starting with the listing , The harvard H6 stay SUV The performance in the market has always been good , Once won 98 Month sales champion ," National Chariot " Is worthy of the title .

In this year 7 Of the month SUV The list of , Great Wall hava H6 With 27102 The data won the crown again , Beyond Chang'an CS75、 Toyota RAV4 Rong Fang 、 Honda CR-V He haoying and other popular cars . Once can be an accident , But many times must be inevitable , Great Wall hava H6 Such outstanding performance makes people wonder what is behind the Great Wall .

User thinking : Become your preference

Let customers recognize products to brands , This is the pursuit of many brands for many years , It is also the depression of many domestic independent brands , And to build brand customer loyalty , The user's thinking is naturally indispensable . In order to realize the user brand, one line , The great wall also takes great pains , First of all, it adopts a young design language in appearance design , such as H6 Hexagonal big mouth net and sharp broken line design 、 Used by the upcoming divine beast " Super space-time sharp Aesthetics ", All conform to the personality and aesthetics of young people at present .

Nowadays, the trend of young people as the main consumer group in the automobile market naturally does not need to be repeated , In addition to the rejuvenation of the design language of the Great Wall , In terms of intelligence, there is no lack of voice . The harvard H6 The concept of intelligent cockpit was adopted in the early stage of research and development , speech recognition 、10 Inch HUD Looked up and show 、 Automatic parking 、AQS Air management plus all kinds of AI Interactive functions , Full of sense of technology . Behind intelligence is a new round of technological revolution in the automotive industry , For users , The higher the intelligent water criterion, the more comfortable the riding experience .

Marketing wizard : Net red has both visual sense

On the premise that the Great Wall's products are strong enough , In marketing, it can also be regarded as a typical example of learning . Compared with the alternative in the era of traffic , The eye suction technique of the Great Wall is very creative , The first thing to talk about is the art of naming the Great Wall , From the big dog 、 Red Rabbit 、 First love to the beast , Then from the white cat 、 A black cat 、 Cherry cat 、 Punk cat to good cat , Such random naming seems simple , In fact, it is easier to remember and more topical .

meanwhile , The online popularity style of the great wall advertisement is the match that ignites the fire , From haver H6 The national tide to Euler's good cat 《 hold "?" straighten 》, The Great Wall has outlined a personal design for each of its mainstream products , And convey the selling points of the product to users through the corresponding human background . Inherent lack of self owned brands in popularity , The first thing we need is the support of product hard core strength , Then there is the marketing initiative .

Cheap and fine : The dilemma of high-end

The entry of independent brands is well known by the public with the image of low price and good things , Especially in the fierce competition SUV Battlefield , It has also caused an internal wind of reducing prices and improving quality . As one of the few independent brands that can make achievements in both engine and gearbox , Its engine level can reach the international leading level in terms of thermal efficiency , In terms of price 9.80 ten thousand —15.49 ten thousand , The lower price range is Harvard H6 One of the competitive advantages of .

Success is nothing but failure , The initial advantage has also become one of the problems of brand development , First impressions can sometimes become a constraint , It gives consumers an image of high quality and low price , In the later stage of brand promotion, it is easy to fall into a dilemma . Just like another independent brand Chery , Take the low-end market at the beginning , Later, after a breakthrough in technology, I was unable to go to the high-end market . After all, sudden price increases will reduce consumers' perceived cost performance , So as to push some customers with low brand loyalty to other brands .

Taken together , The Great Wall is SUV The reason why the market is important , There is a product design that accurately meets the needs of customers , After that, there is innovative humanized publicity , And the ultra-high cost performance under precise pricing , Finally, there is the glory of successive sales . however , Great Wall's current market positioning , Its future transformation to the high-end market will not be smooth , Can the great wall stretch for thousands of miles , It depends on whether it can find new ideas from the current product positioning .

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