Overseas | specially held for "local tyrants" in the Middle East? Geneva auto show will set up a sub exhibition in Qatar

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overseas specially held local tyrants

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[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] According to euronews , The Organizing Committee of the Geneva auto show and the Qatar Tourism Administration jointly announced that it will be held in 2023 It was held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, in the autumn of “ Middle East ” Geneva Motor Show .

The original plan was to 2020 The Geneva Auto Show held in was cancelled a few days before its opening due to the epidemic

according to the understanding of ,“ Middle East ” Qatar auto show is planned to be held in Doha Convention and Exhibition Center , Every two years , The Geneva Motor Show will continue to show once a year .

Head of Geneva Auto Show Sandro Mesquita Express , There are many car fans in the Middle East , This provides an opportunity for the exhibition to expand outward . The person in charge also said ,“ Middle East ” The Geneva Motor Show will not only focus on traditional fuel vehicles , Pure electric vehicles and hydrogen energy vehicles will also be promoted locally . Besides , He also stressed that , The auto show held in Qatar will not completely copy the Geneva Auto Show , But will form their own characteristics and positioning .

In the Middle East “ Local tyrants ” Prefer luxury cars

as everyone knows , The Middle East is rich in oil and gas resources , The local automobile consumption market has great potential . Not only is Lexus used as a taxi in many countries in the Middle East , local “ royal family ”、“ Local tyrants ” It also loves super luxury brand models . It is worth mentioning that , In recent years, many Chinese automobile brands are also accelerating the development of the Middle East market . Like the red flag was in 2019 Participated in the Dubai auto show in the United Arab Emirates .

For what is being planned “ Middle East ” Day and night Auto Show , The organizer also said , The exhibition will still be held online and offline .

Red Flag brand layout Middle East market

The next Geneva Motor Show will be held in 2022 year 2 month 19 solstice 27 Saturday, , The Organizing Committee of the auto show will 9 month 17 Disclose more information about the auto show on the th . before , Because of the epidemic , The Geneva Motor Show has been closed for two consecutive years .Sandro Mesquita call , Based on the number of exhibitors currently confirmed , Have the confidence 2022 The Geneva Motor Show will be held as scheduled .

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