The used car e-commerce platform is operating poorly. If it doesn't change, it can only go bankrupt. The good days have long passed

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used car e-commerce commerce platform

Now there are three sets for marriage , house , Cars and tickets . Without these things , Don't try to touch your daughter-in-law's tender little hand .

The house has been controlled by the State , It's the car's turn .

With the change of people's cognition , Used cars have gradually become a new choice for many people to own their first car , The Internet model has also brought a large number of used car e-commerce platforms .

Take a closer look at the list of used car e-commerce vehicles , You'll find a lot of good and cheap new cars , These cars are like new cars after a little cleaning , It can even be sold as a new car . So more and more people who are short of money prefer to buy second-hand cars , As a result, there are more and more used car platforms .

However, the good days of used car e-commerce did not last long . According to the data , A large number of used car e-commerce have been difficult to fear , So why is it that this industry with great future has become so far ? Where is the future of used car e-commerce ?

Perhaps no second-hand e-commerce in any country has experienced our development model , The savage growth from the beginning bloomed everywhere , It only took six years to reach the current trough .

One of the reasons is that China's used car e-commerce platform has not developed for a long time . After all, our popularity of the Internet has not been long , Therefore, the development of used car e-commerce platform is doomed to be impossible for too long .

Just like ordinary Internet e-commerce platforms , The days of used car e-commerce platform were also very happy . After all, the advantages of second-hand cars lie there , Plus the blessing of the Internet , Many people believe that it must have good development prospects .

Only a short while ago , We've seen cars like Renren , Melon seed used car is a well-known used car e-commerce brand . But these e-commerce brands are suspected of cheating consumers , At present, it is difficult for these big brands to see their presence on the Internet .

A few days ago, it was revealed that Renren car would be acquired by a company in the same city . Only then did people realize , Maybe used car e-commerce has really gone down the hill . If you know something about used car e-commerce , You'll find them in 2 There was a decline in profits years ago , Consumers' reputation of used car e-commerce platform is also declining .

Many people used to make complaints about their second-hand cars , I can only find 2019 Year end data , Its losses amount to 44 One hundred million yuan , This huge number is unacceptable to any enterprise .

In fact, in our country , Used car e-commerce has always been the key to used car trading .

from 2010 Year begins , With the continuous development of Internet in China , China began to try to connect second-hand cars with the Internet , Adopt more convenient and transparent trading methods , This undoubtedly greatly improves the transaction efficiency .

But why is a good card beaten alive ? The key is still on the issue of capital . E-commerce can indeed be called one of China's four new inventions , But unlike other Internet industries , Used car e-commerce platform has much higher requirements for financing and investment .

China's used car e-commerce starts from 2010 Began to rise in , Only then did people know , Originally, buying a car can also be done online , Various used car platforms effectively communicate buyers and sellers , This was unimaginable before .

With the further development of the market , Used car e-commerce has also opened the way of financing . At that time, any used car e-commerce platform , The amount of financing has broken through 60 RMB .

These used car e-commerce platforms have won a lot of financing and investment with the development of the Internet , It can be seen that investors also appreciate the used car platform , Look at their future development prospects .

But used car e-commerce did not meet the expectations of investors , Without exception, they all embarked on the road of burning money . For development , They keep getting a lot of publicity through money , The way of collecting money first and then making money seems to be a deep pit that Chinese Internet enterprises can't get around .

But that's why , Many used car e-commerce platforms are deeply trapped in the vortex of funds , They can't get back in a short time , You can only continue to spend costs , If there is not enough financial support , Their loss is inevitable .

The problem with the used car e-commerce platform is , Although the car is a necessity , But it's not so expensive that many people can't afford the price of new cars . Some people would rather spend a little more money on a new car than a used car .

So this directly leads to a very slow return of used cars . Some used car dealers for the convenience of collecting cars , Buy the vehicle directly from the buyer , It has changed from a single platform to a businessman . If the car collected by the platform finally hits the hand and can't be sold , That has also become another reason for their losses .

The times have changed , Maybe used car e-commerce should find a new way out , Otherwise, it can only be eliminated by the times .

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