In depth test drive BYD Han DM: it's really the choice of treasure

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depth test drive byd han

Among the most popular BYD models at present , Pure electric Han EV Absolutely occupy an important place , Especially with the excellent endurance and safety brought by blade battery , It's in 20 At the level of more than 10000, it has been the most benchmark existence .

however , When you look at the list of all BYD Han models , You will find that in fact, except for the red and purple Han EV outside , And Han, who focuses on the hybrid route DM models , The two versions only need 21.98 and 23.98 ten thousand , And all four-wheel drive models , On the basis of the same exemption from purchase tax , They are not as cost-effective as Han EV Bad .

that , contrast NVH And dynamic responsiveness have reached the extreme EV, Han who specializes in hybrid DM How does it feel to drive ?

This time, , We took part in biadihan DM Opportunities for exploration activities , In depth test drive of this Han DM, I found that it was really a hidden “ treasure ” models !

Multi mode driving experience DM Robust performance

BYD in order to let us treat Han DM Of “ More than one side ” Have a deeper feeling , Different test drive experience links are specially set , From several different angles, it fully shows the Han DM Strong driving control and luxurious comfort .

In power mode , Because it is a hybrid combination of two kinds of power , So Han DM Our power system has pure electricity 、 parallel connection 、 Series connection 、 High speed 、 Five power modes of energy recovery .

stay EV In pure electric mode , The vehicle is completely driven by the drive motor , In urban congestion 、 Commuting conditions , Not only economy 、 low consumption , And quiet 、 A smooth .

In hybrid parallel mode , The engine and motor drive the vehicle together , Overtaking 、 At high speed , It can provide strong power . In series mode , The vehicle is driven by an electric motor , At the same time, the engine supplies power to the battery , At this time, the power holding capacity of the vehicle is enhanced .

It's especially worth mentioning , han DM And high speed mode , In this mode , The vehicle is driven by the engine , At the same time, the engine is also responsible for generating electricity , When driving at a constant speed on the highway , This mode can give full play to the efficient speed range of the engine , Achieve low energy consumption . Besides , The energy recovery mode can also be used when the vehicle is sliding 、 Play a role in deceleration , Convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electric energy . During the road test drive , With the change of road conditions , These five modes automatically 、 Smooth switching , Create both strong 、 comfortable 、 Economical performance , Let us deeply understand BYD DM-p The depth and reliability of Technology .

During the site test drive , han DM It shows excellent vehicle power performance 、 Handling and comfort .

stay “ Linear acceleration test ” link , The acceleration performance is tested with a straight runway , han DM Zero zero acceleration 4.7 Second power . And in the “ Comprehensive subject test ” link , By racing around piles and jogging long curves , I can feel Han DM Excellent handling and stability , meanwhile “ Driving at medium speed on bumpy roads ” The link can show Han DM Good trafficability , And the vibration filtering and handling comfort of the chassis .

in general , han DM The chassis really shows the result of careful adjustment by the international master team , Based on manipulation 、 Comfortable golden balance , Its dynamic performance is perfect, taking into account almost all the advantages of performance cars and executive cars .

below , Let's go into more detail .

One of the characteristics of treasure , Less than 25 Wan's athletic ability is so strong

Pass the in-depth test drive , Besides us , Many other colleagues also said , han DM It is a treasure model worthy of further excavation , Learn more , The more surprises . Its strong power feeling , Can satisfy “ Performance control ” Our needs , Let them travel alone , Enjoy great driving fun .

In terms of powertrain , han DM use 2.0T Four cylinder gold powered all aluminum engine with high voltage 、 High speed 、 Efficient P0 The motor 、 Organic combination of drive motor , Through the six speed wet dual clutch transmission , Burst out 321kW Rated power and 650N·m Maximum torque of , Achieve 100 km acceleration 4.7 second , comparable V8 Gasoline engine .

In particular , Different from many other brands P0 Motor's “ Weak chickens behave ”, han DM Of P0 The maximum power of the motor is as high as 25kW, Equivalent to the power of a micro electric vehicle drive motor , It can quickly cooperate with the engine and drive motor to give full play to the greater power of the whole vehicle , Make overtaking easier at all stages .

Besides , han DM Not only fast acceleration , But also accelerate and stabilize , This is mainly due to its super intelligent electric 4WD system . han DM It's also 25 Within 10000 yuan , The only plug-in hybrid car equipped with four-wheel drive .

meanwhile , In the vehicle setting interface , We also found that Han DM It can even make consumers enjoy more professional operation fun . Like Han DM Provided EV、HEV、ECO、SPORT And other personalized settings , Under different settings , The vehicle will show different “ character ”.

meanwhile , han DM Of SOC The target can also be in 15%~70% A wide range of adjustment , Consumers can adjust themselves through the multimedia system SOC The target point , To achieve power 、 economic 、 Comfort optimization , For example, intelligent power protection mode is preferred “ Fuel economy ”, Forced power protection mode is preferred “ The battery stays on ” etc. .

The second characteristic of treasure , Beyond amazing mobility , There is a sense of administrative luxury

Most sports cars sacrifice some ride comfort for handling performance , Dan Han DM But you can have both , Not only let the driver enjoy driving , It also provides the rear passengers with a comfortable experience of an executive car .

Look outside the whole , By international design master Wolfgang · Han, designed by egger himself DM, Both inherited Dragon Face Oriental Aesthetics deduced by design language , It also has a strong dynamic and luxurious style . The interior is flagship “ Three true ” Material selection :Nappa First floor calfskin seat 、 Instrument panel and trim panel made of top white cork wood in Europe 、 Real aluminum speaker cover decoration and welcome pedal, etc , Greatly enhance the visual and tactile luxury of the interior .

In terms of chassis comfort , han DM Through a variety of road condition tests 、 Comfortable chassis in line with China's diverse and complex road conditions , collocation CST Comfortable parking control system , Jean Han DM On the premise of ensuring braking safety , Provide smoother for drivers and passengers 、 Comfortable braking feeling , Effectively avoid discomfort such as nodding and stumbling .

More Than This , han DM Have library level NVH Serenity , With the advantage of large space , Provide quiet for passengers 、 comfortable 、 A pleasant driving experience . A number of detailed designs for the rear seating experience , Like a gentleman's key 、 Rear center armrest ( With double cup holders )、 Rear privacy glass, etc , Show hospitality , Jean Han DM Has a high degree of rear passenger satisfaction . Whether it's business reception or family Travel , They all have face .

At the end :

From the sales data , It has been on the market for one year , han DM The cumulative sales volume of has reached 27950 car , It ranks first in the sales of medium and large plug-in hybrid cars of Chinese brands , The market performance is remarkable . Users are concentrated in Shenzhen 、 Shanghai 、 Hangzhou 、 Beijing, these first tier or super first tier cities . In Han DM Of the users , A large number of users are making comprehensive comparison DM And joint venture brand high-end fuel vehicles , Still chose Han DM, It proves that Han DM This kind of “ treasure ” The appeal of the model .

And we can also feel from this test drive , han DM It really has the handling performance and driving fun of a sports car , At the same time, it can meet business and household needs with luxury comfort beyond the same level , Showing a strong comprehensive strength . therefore , For Han DM The future of , In fact, we also have higher expectations , After all, a year 27950 Car sales data , Definitely not its ceiling , After more consumers of fuel vehicles increasingly understand the benefits of hybrid models , Its sales volume continues to grow , It will be far more than everyone expected !

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