What is Changan going to do when global sales are benchmarked against Honda ten years later?

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changan going global sales benchmarked

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A report from the car gourd circle

The growth rate of independent brands in recent years is obvious to all , changan 、 The Great Wall 、 Geely has already become a giant of automobile enterprises with annual sales of millions of vehicles , But you have to say they are world-class car brands , Not yet .

But as the saying goes, time makes heroes , At present, the automobile industry is undergoing changes that have not been seen in a century , Since Karl Benz created the first human car , It's over 135 year . If the automobile industry is a cycle every hundred years , So in this new cycle , China automobile brand, which has the first place advantage , In fact, there is a great opportunity to reconstruct the pattern of the global automobile industry .

Based on this , Zhu Huarong, chairman of Chang'an Automobile, made a speech at Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological conference , given “ In the next ten years, China will have a world-class automobile brand ” The judgment of the .

meanwhile , Zhu Huarong also said with great confidence :“ What brands are there ? I dare not make a rash decision . however , There must be Chang'an .”

To hear that , Unaware of the fierce Qi Pai Jun realized , The conference in Chang'an is by no means simple , Will release a lot of savings for a long time “ Big recruit ”.

Yes, of course , Everyone can shout slogans , Whether you can do it or not is another matter . So how will Chang'an Automobile realize “ Become a world-class automobile brand ” The goal of ?

New architecture 、 New car 、 New technology

Any car brand wants long-term development , First of all, we should be based on the product . Become a world-class automobile brand , Modular car building is a required skill .

Obviously , In today's market environment ,“ Oil to electricity ” The product is no longer competitive , Build the car structure “ Oil electric separation ” It is the general trend . Regarding this , Changan aims at traditional cars and new cars respectively , Built the ark structure and SDA framework .

Of course, in the definition of Chang'an ,“ Traditional car ” Not equivalent to “ Conventional fuel vehicle ”. Products of the future ark Architecture , Will gradually move towards HEV、PHEV、REEV( Add program ) Dynamic transformation , Increase motivation 、 Reduce energy consumption .

and SDA The architecture is designed for new cars , Its flexibility in hardware matching 、 Remote upgrade is comprehensive 、 Advantages of digital ecology and openness , It is the key to really distinguish from traditional cars , Not just the difference between driving forms , This is also the core competitiveness of new forces such as Tesla .

And new products based on the new architecture , Will also meet us soon . According to the plan , Except in 2022 Listed in the first quarter of UNI-V outside , Including this debut C385 Including a wave of new electric vehicles , Will be in 2022 In the second quarter of, it was listed one after another .

in addition , Avita, a high-end brand that has attracted much attention before , Its first model ( Code name E11) also “ Little dew side face ”, It is reported that it is equipped with Huawei HI(Huawei Inside) Full stack smart car solutions ( Similar to extreme fox alpha S Huawei version ) And the latest Electrification Technology of Ningde era .

As for more detailed parameters and technology of the car , Chang'an chose to keep the suspense for the time being . But it can be predicted , In the era of Huawei and Ningde “ Top current ” With the help of teammates , Avita E11 There must be some amazing highlights waiting to be revealed .

At this conference , Chang'an also determined “ Technology as the core driving force ” Strategic direction of . This is also a slogan shouted rotten by car companies , But this time , Chang'an took out the real thing .

First of all, in terms of electrification , Chang'an has released a new generation of super collector drive system , It's officially called “ Redefine the efficiency of new energy vehicles ” Technology .

In this case “ efficiency ”, There are three meanings .

First, industrial efficiency . Yang Dayong, vice president of Chang'an Automobile, said : In the past 5 year , China's new energy vehicles have used more than 500 Kind of . According to the R & D investment of each cell 1 Billion calculation , Only the R & D cost of different cells has exceeded 500 One hundred million yuan , This means that a single car needs to share the R & D cost of the cell about 8000 element , And this waste of resources , Ultimately, it can only be paid by society and users .

The solution given by Chang'an is , Unify the cell specifications , And on this basis , Let the electric drive system match different voltage loads , Meet the needs of different power and endurance , In this way, there is no need to change the number of battery modules and cells , It greatly reduces the product cost and development cycle , And provide convenience for subsequent battery recycling and ladder utilization .

Say a few more words. , Many people don't realize , At present, the problem of power battery pollution in China has been very serious .2020 year , The total amount of retired power batteries is 20 Ten thousand tons of , expect 2025 The years will reach 80 Ten thousand tons of . If these batteries are not handled properly , It will cause huge pollution to the ecological environment .

However, this problem has not been paid enough attention in the early stage of Industrial Development , There are no relevant industry standards for battery design , So now a large number of retired power batteries are in the recycling process , Facing all kinds of problems , Including low disassembly efficiency 、 High separation cost 、 Difficulty in secondary utilization, etc , Most retired batteries flow into informal channels , Treat in the least costly but most dangerous way .

Therefore, accelerate the formation of a perfect battery recycling industry chain , It is an urgent problem to be solved at present . The standardized design of Changan new generation electric drive system , It has made a good demonstration for the industry .

Second, product efficiency . Chang'an new generation electric drive system adopts the latest integrated technology and lubrication technology , And the optimization of software system and the application of new materials , The mechanical loss and electromagnetic loss of the electric drive system are further reduced , Improve its efficiency to 90% above , Better than the industry average .

Third, user efficiency . They say new energy vehicles “ The northernmost mountain and sea pass ”, Performance degradation in low temperature environment , Indeed, it restricts the development of new energy vehicles to a great extent . And to solve this problem , The new generation of electric drive system in Chang'an adopts the global first pulse heating technology , Can be realized 5 Minutes heating 20℃, Improve the endurance in winter 40-70km, Solve a big pain point for users in the North .

In terms of intelligence , Changan released their latest achievements in the field of unmanned parking ——APA7.0 Remote valet parking .

Chang'an will, on the premise of meeting relevant national laws and regulations , Take the lead in realizing the function of unmanned queue parking outside the garage , That is, the owner can get off outside the garage , The queue is completed by the vehicle itself 、 Aisle gate 、 Looking for a parking space 、 A series of operations such as parking , Is the “ Nanny level ” Parking . Besides , It also includes elevator entrance reception 、 Functions such as receiving and driving outside the garage .

Although there are similar long-distance autonomous parking functions in mass production , For example, Xiaopeng P7 Memory parking in the parking lot ,Marvel R Find parking space independently , But it all requires the driver to be in the car all the time “ Guard ”. by comparison , changan APA7.0 The system can liberate users' time to a greater extent .

And the above two “ Black science and technology ”—— A new generation of super collector drives and APA7.0 Remote unmanned parking , It will be the first to be built on a new architecture C385 models .

Open platform , Create ecology together

Today's era , It is an open and win-win era . Today's cars , It is no longer a simple means of transportation , But a collection of software and hardware technologies . High end brand avita , This is the result of Chang'an Automobile's implementation of the win-win strategy of opening up .

And about how to balance “ Product dominance ” and “ Open and cooperative ecology ”, It is also a big problem faced by many auto enterprises .

In this regard , Chang'an first made it clear “ Vehicle products are still the main responsibility that the vehicle factory must clarify ” The idea of , Namely reservation “ soul ”, Don't be a OEM of a technology company ; meanwhile , Also for partners “ Provide links for technological co creation and incubators for ecological co creation ”, Express the willingness to open up and cooperate with the outside world .

In short , Chang'an is based on principles , Cooperate with others . So how does it do ? This release of “ Full scene digital twin development open platform ” The answer is given .

It's not so much a platform , Let's say this is a new ecological model . In this ecology , Car companies 、 partners 、 Users will be deeply integrated .

First, in terms of user co creation , Chang'an will pass through the locomotive terminal 、 Mobile terminal 、 Forum Community 、 Product experience and other channels , Quickly respond to the real needs of users . After getting the user's feedback , Then provide partners with a fast channel that allows users to directly meet their needs , So as to reduce the vehicle development cost 、 Shorten the mass production cycle .

A very intuitive example , According to the traditional pattern , If you want to import AR-HUD This function , Cooperative developers need at least 12 Months of development cycle . And in the new mode , The access period will be less than 1 Months , The efficiency has been greatly improved .

future , Chang'an will gradually open the list of technology projects 、 Explore new modes of resource allocation , Make this new digital ecology more perfect 、 Efficient .

“ ignore ” R & D revenue ratio , Prepare first 1500 Billion !

The present , The technology of the automobile industry is updating faster than ever before , The competitive environment is also unprecedented . And the continuous upgrading and iteration of Technology , It needs a steady stream of financial support and talent reserve . No strength , I dare not shout slogans easily .

In order to become “ World class automobile brand ”, Chang'an is ready to 5 Investment in the whole industry chain in 1500 One hundred million yuan , Than before the Great Wall “5 year 1000 Billion ” More .

Maybe you don't have a clear concept of this number , But you can be sure , Even for the wealthy Chang'an , This is definitely not a small sum of money .

In general , The R & D revenue ratio of traditional car enterprises is 5% about , For example, the Great Wall 、 geely 、 BYD and so on , Including Chang'an ,2020 The ratio of R & D revenue in is around this figure . Among the domestic mainstream independent brands , GAC's R & D revenue ratio is the highest , Reached 8.1%.

by comparison , The new forces of car building are much more radical in this regard .“ Wei Xiaoli ”2020 The annual R & D revenue ratio is 15.3%、29.5%、11.6%.

At present, the annual revenue of Chang'an is about 100 billion ,2019 Years and 2020 The annual revenue is 705 Eva 845 Billion . According to Changan's latest sales target ,2025 Sales will be realized in 300 Thousands of cars , yes 2020 Year of 2 About times .

We assume that Chang'an can achieve its sales target by then , Coupled with the increase in the proportion of sales of high-end brands and high-end product series , Its revenue level has reached 2020 Year of 2.5 times , That is to say 2000 Billion yuan .

Even if it 1500 The R & D cost of 100 million is shared equally in the future 5 The middle of the year ( And it's unlikely to be the same every year , The probability will increase year by year ), So Chang'an is 2025 The R & D revenue ratio also reached 15%, For the traditional car enterprises, it has been ridiculously high , Follow Wei to the same level , This also reflects Changan's firm determination to become a world-class automobile brand .

In addition, in terms of talents , Chang'an will set up a new talent development team for digital technology , Involving new energy 、 Software system and autopilot , plan 2025 The total number of team members exceeded 3000 people , Accelerate the transformation to intelligent technology travel company . meanwhile , Chang'an will also take “ Employee shareholding ”、“ Deferred bonuses ” And other ways to recruit and retain talents .

At the end :

about “ World class automobile brand ”, Changan Automobile has quantitative standards , The goal is to 2030 Annual sales reached 450 Thousands of cars . Just look at the numbers , The goal is definitely “ World-class ” Of . Honda is in 2020 The global sales volume in is also 450 Thousands of cars , Ranked No.. Among all automobile groups 6.

The author has no doubt about Chang'an's ability and determination to achieve the goal , but “ World-class ”, You can't just define... From the perspective of data . If only rely on the domestic market , And can not fully blossom in the overseas market , Even if the total number of sales is more , It can't be called “ World-class ”.

This year, 1-7 month , The cumulative sales volume of Chang'an Chinese brand 110 Thousands of cars . among , Overseas sales 7.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 152.8%. Although the rise is encouraging , But it's not enough 7% Proportion of overseas sales of , about “ World-class ” Not enough by standards .

Fortunately , Chang'an still has ten years , There are plenty of opportunities to expand overseas markets . Ten years later , Can Chang'an fulfill his promise ? We'll see .

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