How can 2021 geometric C edge stand in the "C" position of pure electric SUV?

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geometric edge stand position pure

【EV Horizon originality 】 The solar term just passed , It means that the cold rises , The weather is getting colder . For electric vehicle users in the North , When most pure electric vehicles enter the low-temperature season, they will inevitably fall into the phenomenon of breaking when the warm air is turned on , Watch the range fall down at a speed visible to the naked eye , Car owners will inevitably have serious car mileage anxiety .

In the reality that battery technology and materials have not been qualitatively improved , Many manufacturers basically have a single means to build a long-range vehicle : First, stack the battery capacity 、 Secondly, increase the energy per unit volume of the battery pack . Under simple and crude means , The long endurance capability can naturally reach , But let's take a fuel truck analogy , This is about 100 kilometers of fuel consumption 20 By doubling the volume of the fuel tank , Leveled off the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers 10 The full fuel mileage of a car with a liter .

Isn't this a sneak change of concept ?

The battery is the absolute core of an electric vehicle , For a family car , Simple battery capacity stacking means more unstable battery performance 、 More complex electronic control system 、 Longer charging time 、 Higher manufacturing costs and greater safety uncertainty , Combined with the actual situation is : You spent more money , Buy a less energy consumption 、 Lower cost performance products .

And more importantly , In the present NEDC Under working condition standard , Generally speaking, there is an obvious gap between the public power consumption and the actual power consumption of an electric vehicle , Not only does the full meter show that the continuous flight can not reach the value of the publicity standard , Really on the road , The mileage should also be discounted on this basis . The range claimed by many manufacturers is only a reference value , They are closer to the instant noodle package “ The picture is for reference only ” Chunks of beef . Mileage anxiety is the biggest problem for all electric vehicle users “ Heart disease ”, This “ Heart disease ” The solution doesn't really lie in the mileage , It's about how accurate the range is . In other words , It's about whether the nominal mileage will be severely reduced when actually on the road , This will affect my prediction of the car's mileage , Thus causing various consequences .

Know more about Chinese people 、 Geely cars with more basic users , It can also better understand what users are thinking . As a middle and high-end pure electric brand under Geely , Geometry car thinks that true endurance is more important than long endurance , When many manufacturers buy batteries in large quantities , Geometric selection begins to work on saving energy per unit mileage , Recently released 2021 Paragraph geometry C, It even shouted out the use “ It's a real endurance ” hand over “ A true friend ” New slogan of .

The geometric C From the beginning of listing, with high appearance 、 True endurance products capture the attention of prospective users of a large number of users . A year later ,2021 Paragraph geometry C In beauty 、 A lot of efforts have been made to create a sense of quality , For example, unique to the same level 72 Color rhythm atmosphere lamp 、 Newly added “ Honey mixed with milk coffee ” Interior color matching , The advanced sense continues to be on the top of the models of the same level TOP.

But you think Geometry C It's just a vase with nothing to show ? In the wrong , Where you can't see with your naked eye , The geometric C The level of upgrade is more than you usually imagine . On the basis of continuing the traditional advantages of real long endurance , It also adds industry-leading supercomputing power AI Dynamic computing system 、RPA Magic mode 、 Car gauge level CN95 High energy configuration such as protection . At the core of an electric vehicle, the three electricity level , The geometric C To the extreme .

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