Go to the store to explore the new Qijun: the booth is cold and fresh, someone asked, the price is high, and there is no discount

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store explore new qijun booth

writing | The second brother is far away from the brand-new Nearly a month has passed since Qijun went public , Whether online marketing promotion or offline test drive , Have stepped into a normal rhythm , This also provides us with a good opportunity to really explore the store .8 month 25 Japan ,《 Smart cars 》 Come to a Nissan in Chongqing 4S Shop , As a potential consumer , The new Qijun was once " Make a thorough investigation ".

So the brand-new Qijun nailed to the stigma column by some netizens before listing , What will be the evaluation of the market terminal ? And is it really what some car critics say 「 Scold Qijun on the Internet , And buy Qijun offline 」 Of , It's just two different people ? One 、 nissan " Heavy pressure " Qijun because 4S Most stores are 9 Go to work after ,10 The first small peak of passenger flow in the morning will be ushered in after , therefore 《 Smart cars 》 The selected time to arrive at the store is 10:30 about . Get into 4S Shop Hall , The layout of the whole booth shows Nissan's " Good intentions ", The gate is facing Qijun booth , To the right of the gate , It's also Qijun booth ( There is a small Qida next to ), Only on the left side of the gate , Just filled with such things as Xuanyi 、 The music 、 Jinke and other models , The layout of the whole exhibition hall is roughly shown in the figure below :

After a brief conversation with the sales consultant , We showed that the purpose of this trip is to see the new Qijun , Then he ran to the booth where Qijun is located . Sales are simply , After learning that we didn't do our homework before we came ( Pretend ), Simply introduced the model directly to us . Now I can recall the key points of the sales presentation , Probably the following : It took a lot of time to develop the whole vehicle 190 Billion ; Equipped with a new VC-TURBO The power of the engine is comparable to that of the general engine 2.0T; Fuel consumption as low as 5.8 An oil , Significantly ahead of its peers ; The seat interior is ergonomic , The opening of the door is almost 90°, Peer optimal …. The most controversial three cylinder engine in the market , The sales consultant didn't mention anything , I guess the manufacturer should have done the corresponding training —— Consumers don't ask , Try not to mention the three cylinder engine .

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