Tang DM -i has used the car for 2 months, with power loss and fuel consumption of 5.6l. Three advantages and two disadvantages are summarized

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tang dm used car months

The tang dynasty DM -i Too many car critics have written about the appearance and interior upholstery of the car , Today we will go straight to the topic , Today, I'd like to share with you about collecting the car 2 Months since , And some advantages and disadvantages of driving experience . By the way, remember to pay attention after reading , Thank you. !

Let's talk about the performance of fuel , Although it is a plug-in hybrid car, it is mainly oil burning , According to the official data given by BYD , When the oil is full and the electricity is full, don DM -i The endurance can reach 1050 km . I recently had a test range , With full oil , The fuel consumption range shown in the table is 940 km , Electricity surplus 34%, Normal daily use , turn the air conditioner on , Listen to the music 、 Rapid acceleration, etc .

In power loss mode , The engine often has 2 Working mode , One is to add programs , The engine drives the motor to charge , Then the motor drives the vehicle , The second is the direct engine drive mode , And it can charge the battery . But here it is worth mentioning , In the course of driving a vehicle , The tang dynasty DM -i When the engine starts , Very quiet , Not at all , If you don't look at the dashboard , I can't even find that the engine has started . Only when the vehicle is idling in place , Charging the battery will feel a little vibration .

A total of 71 km , Finally, the battery remains 26%, Actual fuel is 2.5L, In fact, there was a traffic jam on an uphill section on the way , I switched to EV Pattern , That led to a drop in power , Otherwise, the power should at least reach 40%, Based on my experience in the past two months , The fuel consumption of the feeder is about 5.3-5.6L about .

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