When crown is no longer a luxury car, can crown luff continue to write a legend?

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crown longer luxury car crown

L It was a friend of a friend who brought me to play , Because of the common smell with everyone , Soon integrated into us . Every night after an appointment is L To organize , Even now L Not every time you play , But every time you eat supper, you must appear on time . This time it was half the ball that came late , I sat down on the court and began to study where to eat . I'm tired too , Then he sat down and L I had a chat .“ Is your old man in good health ?” I looked at the person who was concentrating on turning over the comments L, Asked casually .“ Okay , hey , by the way , I heard them say that your father likes fishing, too ?”“ right , what's wrong? ?”“ What kind of car did your father drive when he went fishing ? I'm going to change my father's car and drive it when he goes fishing ”“ Oh , I bought a second-hand GL8 He's using ” I don't know if you have studied fishing , Fishing equipment is not only various , And it's not small , The car with ordinary space really can't hold so many fishing professional equipment . Or choose one MPV, Or choose a bigger one SUV.L I also know about my family ,L Like me, I prefer American models , and L My father likes Japanese models very much . Even before the bus reform ,L My father directly bought the Toyota Crown from his unit before retirement .

Obviously, the old crown is not suitable for fishing , And in accordance with L Like , He must want to change his father to a brand such as Cadillac or Lincoln SUV. then L My father must still be willing to buy a Japanese brand model , Both of us are stubborn , It is estimated that no one can convince anyone .“ therefore , You want to change his beauty Department SUV, The old man wants Japanese ?”“ Yes ! I said to change him XT6, With the discount, it doesn't cost much , He insisted on buying hanlanda ”“ Hannanda is a lot cheaper ? You don't want to spend less money ?”“ I went once 4S The store doesn't like it , Sales dragged up the sky , You have to raise the price to collect the car ” He said so , I think of another car , FAW Toyota Crown luffer . To be honest , Crown Lufang is the shell changing hannanda , The manufacturer has changed from GAC Toyota to FAW Toyota , The car logo has also been changed from Toyota's ox head logo to the crown logo . But it's this sign that makes people very sad . Toyota has a good reputation , People think Toyota is reliable , The discontinued crown models have made great contributions .

Toyota Crown is definitely a good car ! This is a deep-rooted understanding of many older generation people who come into contact with cars . Just like the self powder of many new forces of car making now , Many people were encircled by the crown years ago . exactly , At that time, there were not many luxury models in China , Mercedes Benz and BMW are certainly good , But it's hard to buy a car with less money . The crown has almost become the choice of luxury cars other than Mercedes Benz and BMW , It's no exaggeration to say sit A6 It's leadership , The boss is the one who sits in the crown .

But now use one SUV To hang the crown , Obviously, it will make a lot of people like L It's hard to accept a crown like dad's . Although all the exposed data now , The crown Luffa is a good model , At least not worse than hannanda . The appearance design adopts the design of overseas sports version hanlanda , It looks more impressive than hannanda . As like as two peas, the interior and mechanical parts are identical , Hanlanda's mechanical reliability should also continue to the crown land . So the confusion about this new car goes back to , Whether it can support the logo of the crown , Let the legendary reputation of the crown continue .“ I wonder if your master has seen the crown Lu Fang ?”“ What kind of car is that ? Didn't the crown stop production long ago ?”“ FAW Toyota's new car , The sports version of hannanda was crowned ”“ hey , I guess the old man likes , I don't know whether to increase the price ?”“ The new car is not on the market yet , I'm not sure about that ” The players on the court are also gradually out of strength , More and more people join us to chat , stay L At your suggestion, we packed up our things and went straight to supper ……

In fact, FAW Toyota put the crown logo on this one SUV It's a little uncomfortable . After all, the crown represents the quality of Toyota “ Flagship models ” It has a high position in the hearts of Chinese automobile consumers ,“ Shell hanlanda ” Can we continue the legendary reputation of the crown , There is a huge question in our hearts . But the purpose of the manufacturer's naming and changing the standard is to make the new car market have enough gimmicks , It did . Whether FAW Toyota Crown luffer can sell well ? This problem also depends on whether the terminal has increased the price .

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